Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe it's been over a year already since last Halloween! I didn't do much this year, unfortunately. I'd hoped to at least go to a haunted house again but my poor brother (whose birthday falls on Halloween) was taken to the hospital the day before his birthday and found out he has gallstones and may need surgery for them. What awful pre-birthday news >:( So, any plans of him celebrating being welcomed into the world of 21 were dashed and he just had his normal birthday festivities. Instead, I just celebrated my brother's birthday at home and briefly took my niece trick-or-treating in the neighborhood with my sister. 
I went as Poison Ivy this year and it's a huge step up from the last time I was her for Halloween lol. This was actually intended to be a cosplay so I did make it. Halloween is a good time for a trial runs on home made costumes too, right? 
Like, I learned washing my wig the night before was a huge mistake because doing so brought back a lot of the shine that I had styled out of it and I didn't have enough time on Halloween to fix that. I learned that I probably need a better sealer on my hands for my pan-cake makeup but I'm still glad I opted for Pan-Cake over PAX paint, as it was still hard to get off of everywhere else, especially areas that also had spirit gum on them where I glued down leaves and vines.

I also burned my left middle finger while adding a final touch of leaves to my shoes the night before. It still hurts as I type this...and I only got one semi-decent picture of them. If I ever do wear this to a con, I'm switching out wedge heels for flats because even though I didn't really stand walk too much, my feet were still killing me by the end of the night. I don't know how people wear those all day at cons...or just al day in general but kudos to you! Maybe I just don't have feet built for heels lol but you live and you learn.
Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween! Looking forward to Thanksgiving now!