Friday, October 14, 2016

Super Bright Red Lenses (and 50% off code Memila50)

Pinky Paradise kindly offered to sponsor a review for Halloween and as I was still on the hunt for some bright red lenses that don't clash with the green in my eyes and show brightly, I happily obliged and chose the Super Bright Red lenses aka Super Pinky Bright Red. You can use my code Memila50 to get 50% on any pair of lenses (excluding toric and sclera lenses, sorry!) until the 31st.
The last red lenses I tried were the EOS Daisy Red, that had a pretty disappointing level of vibrancy. So I was looking for something BRIGHT this time around and boy did I find it!

Let me just say,  I am VERY happy with how frickin' red these are! Up close, at a distance, in natural light, under a flash. They are vibrant and exactly what I've been looking for! 
With Flash

Natural Light
The print is that of all the others in in the Super line, so fairly natural looking and not at all cartoonish. They have a good solid level of opacity, so I believe they'd show up well on dark eyes too but I can't say how bright they'd be on darker eyes. Imo, the only thing that would make these lenses perfect would be a small gradient on the pupil opening 

They are 15.00 mm so there is still some enlargement but still veering toward the natural (as natural as red eyes can be anyway lol). 

The only problem I had with these was trying to figure out what Halloween look would go well with red eyes. I settled on a vampire.

Enlargement: 7/10
Print: 9/10
Vibrancy: 10/10
Comfort: 9/10