Thursday, December 3, 2015

Geo Xtra Aster Brown (WT-C14) Review

Today I am reviewing Geo Xtra Aster Brown lenses, courtesy of Geo Coloured Lenses
At 15mm enlargement is great, they give the classic circle lens dolly eyes. I think they look nice with lighter eye makeup too (sometimes big lenses can look a little alien-esque but these are good with both heavy and lighter makeup.
Without flash
The print is pretty unique and I really it. I love how the color fades to clear but the outline of the print can still be seen over your natural color, making it look like your natural eye color is part of the print.
Close up of the print, so you can where the print outline ends.
Comfort is the only the thing I'm not crazy about with these. They are thicker and so you can always feel them. It's not very uncomfortable but just not ideal for all day wear. The dry out is...that sticky feeling but not painful, just annoying. So comfort is so-so.
With Flash
Enlargement: 10/10
Print: 10/10
Comfort: 7/10