Sunday, November 22, 2015

Geolica Euro Celine Blue Review

Today I'm reviewing Geolica Euro Celine Blue lenses, courtesy of Geocolouredlenses
The very first thing I noticed about these was what a beautiful shade of blue they are in the case. They reminded me a bit of the original EOS Adult Blue lenses. Which are, to this day, my favorite shade of blue for circle lenses (if only they faded inward they would be my perfect blue lenses). So I was pumped to pop these babies in!
Okay, so they're not as icy as Original Adult Blues when worn, but still a pretty shade none the less. I could tell straight away that due to the color being primarily located at the edges of the lens, these would give some enlargement. Maybe not not huge and cartoon-ish but ample enough to get a doll-ish eye, yet subtle enough to be passable as natural in the right shades. That being said, I worried that my natural color might contrast too harshly with this shade of blue, leaving a massive keyhole. Keyholes that my irises can fill in lower lights are not too bad but when my eyes are equal part lens print and keyhole, I've got a problem with that contrast.
The contrast actually wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it's be and thankfully the pattern's fade in is far more forgiving than a harsh edge where the print just suddenly ends.
These are monthly lenses and got me about 6 hours of wear before drying out. Once you hit that point though, they are a bit more uncomfortable than the "going rate" I've experienced of dryness discomfort so I gotta remind myself not to overdo it with these but it's common sense that you shouldn't wear circle lenses for too long, so with a little common sense and eye drops, you'll be fine.
One big, and really only, draw back for these that is worth mentioning is that if you have a prescription that is not identical in both eyes, you will need to order two sets. You can only order these lenses in matching prescription sets, so that is something to consider when buying. But still, very pretty comfy lenses. If you have blue eyes or brown eyes that are dark enough to pass an enlarged pupils, I think these will look especially great on you. The print is pretty natural and opaque enough to be vibrant on dark eyes but personally, on me, I don't think they look quite as nice as this print would in a more suitable shade to compliment my real eye color.


  1. They look really pretty on your eyes!
    Weird that you would have to order them in two pairs... I'm pretty used to that with dailies, but yearly (I'm guessing these are yearly?) I find that quite odd-.-'

    1. Thank you! :D
      They're actually monthlies and it's a total non-issue for people who order plano but definitely worth noting.

    2. oh wow, I somehow completely missed thatXD
      yeah, it can be so troublesome to need strength><

    3. It really can. I've only had my prescription for about 6 months, so it's been an adjustment to have to pay attention which lenses I can't have anymore or how I need to go about ordering certain pairs.

  2. oh wow *o* you look really cute! I love how they look on you and your makeup so much <3