Saturday, October 24, 2015

Geo Angel Green Review.

Now here are some OG circle lenses! lol I remember these were the lenses that were most popular (along with King Size) right around the time I started getting more into gyaru. In fact, Geo Angel Brown were one of the first pairs of lenses that I made a blog post about on this blog (Geo Nudy Greens were actually my very first pair) and since then I have been wanting the try the greens too. Now thanks to GeoColouredLenses sponsoring this review I finally get that opportunity!
These are 14.2mm with a dark limbal ring, so you get a nice amount of enlargement. You get what I would classify as a "modest dolly eye", nothing too cartoonish but still very noticeable.
The print is very opaque and artificial, so they are quite vibrant. I like the print a lot as I've always though of it as a toned down King Size-style print. There is a key hole but it's not as harsh some other lenses. They rest very evenly and don't look as wonky as some other lenses I've tried with keyholes, so I'm happy about that.
These are those lenses that have that scratchy feeling right when you put them in but it is almost immediately gone. The lenses feel a little stiffer and that's actually a quality I like for inserting them and taking them out, they always hold their shape. I find thin lenses are more prone to folding and not adhering to the eye on my first try but maybe that's just me. I loved how easy these were to put in and remove and they remained very comfortable for about 4 hours. After that they feel sticky and dry (so bring eye drops!). 
With Flash
One Out
Enlargement: 8/10
Print: 8/10
Comfort: 7/10
*P.S. Sorry for the messy lashes, I'm trying a new lash glue and it suuuuucks!


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    1. Your comments are always so kind! Thank you! <3

  2. These look really great on you!~ I really like circle lenses that are thin because I don't really feel them lol. BTW your makeup is gorgeous!!

    1. I agree, the thinner ones usually wear more comfortably but in my experience they're also more of a pain in the butt to put in and take out.
      Thank you!