Friday, August 21, 2015

Geo-Tri Color Green Review (Lensflavors Sponsored)

Back with another review! This time for the lovely folks at My criteria for lens choice this time was a natural green lens for every day wear, I've had to dial back the gal lately, in case you hadn't noticed. So since I liked the Tri-Color Browns so much I thought I'd go for green this time to get some color enhancement.
Sorry for the messy hair. Humidity has been rough on me.
 I always try to mention what I wanted or expected from my lens choice because I think it's important to know what somebody was looking for in order to understand their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with said item. So, needless to say, if you're looking for giant dolly eyes, these would be a poor choice. For me, they were exactly what I was looking for.

These are 14.2 mm and certainly look it. As I said before I was not wanting much, if any, enlargement from these so I am happy with the small amount I get here. They still do add just a tiny bit of oomph to the eyes though.
One Out
With Flash
The pattern is semi-sheer and very natural. I love the shades of green they chose and the very thin ring of yellow at the most inward point that makes the lens color blend almost seamlessly into my own eye color. There is no limbal ring, which aids in giving it a less dolly and more natural look. This series is really neck and neck with G&G GBT for my favorite natural lenses. 
They are not shockingly vibrant but they do have a nice bright hue. They aren't as pronounced as the Tri-Color Browns I tried a while back but that's probably because of the contrast between the brown and my real eyes color that made those ones look more vivid while these are a touch more muted. Again, they are very natural so they don't have that flat opaque look to them that is very common in brighter lenses, meant to mask the eye color entirely.  These let some of your natural color show through and build on that (kind of like the geo nudy print).
Like the Geo Tri-Colro Brown, the comfort on these is totally average. You can always feel them when ever your eyes move and they dry out after a few hours and need to be replenished with some eyes drop. I knew this going in though and I think the average comfort is worth the trade off of a nice natural print in a pretty color. I can't wait to try more colors from this series!

I did eventually run a brush through it though. 

Enlargement: 4/10
Print: 10/10
Vibrancy: 9/10
Comfort: 6/10

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

GEO Xtra WBS 204 Bella Brown Lenses Review (Geo Coloured Lens Sponsored)

Guess who has a new favorite pair of dark brown lenses? That's right, it's finally happened, I finally found a dark brown lens I like better than Geo Princess MiMi Chocolate Brown! GEO Xtra WBS 204 Bella Brown! I got these sponsored by Geo Coloured Lenses and they're like everything I like about Princess MiMi Brown with the one thing I didn't like about them.

 Don't get me wrong, the Princess MiMis are still a fine lens but if you recall back to my initial review, you'll remember that the one thing I didn't like about them was that under a flash the yellow and red colors in them, combined with the opacity, makes them look a little...too stark and a little too flat, I believe I likened them to reptile eyes. XD These ones still blend nicely but don't have that same bright quality.

These are 15 mm (although they do also come in 14.8 mm but the ones I go say 15mm) and have a very thick limbal ring so enlargement was excellent. They give the dolly eye and actually even look quite a lot like Princess MiMi's in natural light but like Princess MiMi I wouldn't recommend these for a natural look as they look can come off alien-ish without makeup that compliments them.
Natural light.
With flash.
One out.

The pattern is probably my favorite thing about the lenses. I think they could have blended more smoothly, with a finer print inward, but it doesn't abruptly drop off into your natural eye color either (a quality in lenses that I greatly appreciate).

It's always hard to talk about vibrancy with dark brown lenses because they're not exactly supposed to be vibrant but they certainly do look brown over light eyes and I am very happy with the color.

Pretty comfortable! Never completely forgot they were there but my eyes have been a little more and irritated than usual (thanks to allergies.) That being said even after wearing them for a long time they never got overly dry or painful at all.

Enlargement: 10/10
Print: 8/10
Vibrancy: 10/10
Comfort: 9/10