Sunday, June 7, 2015

Geo Super Nudy Brown (Geo Coloured Lenses Sponsored)

Today I'm reviewing yet another in the Geo Nudy series of circle lenses. So far I've had blue, golden blue, grey, green and violet (the green and violet I had before I did reviews). Not to mention the Seeshell Sunny Gold that I liked specifically for it's similarity to the Geo Nudy series. What can I say? I adore this series, in case I haven't mentioned it enough. I never did get the brown though because in reviews from other people with light eyes they always came out quite grey looking. An issue I am very well aware of as I have had many brown and hazel lenses that read as a muted hazel grey over my eyes because of the lens' opacity. However when I looked into the Super Nudy series (the sister series with the same print but a slightly larger diameter and darker limbal rim) I noticed a much richer brown color even over light eyes so I went with them.
At 14.5 diameters you get a lot of enlargement because of the limbal ring. Those always really help when it comes to get a lot of  enlargement out of a not particularly big diameter. These definitely look more like 14.8 or even 15. The only drawback of the Super Nudy Series is that because of it's larger diameter it also has a larger center opening which, yes, means a larger keyhole.

Which brings me to how the pattern also plays a part in the keyhole's prominence. I love the Nudy pattern and this of course is no exception but I've talked about this before and my irritation with keyholes on my light just comes with the territory, sometimes you get lucky and find ones that blend well into your natural eye color (like every color of nudy lenses has for me so far) but most of the time you have that window of stark contrast between your pupil and the start of the lens pattern. In this case that is he trade off I'm willing to make in return for a dark limbal ring that gives a nice dolly eye and a brown that actually looks brown over my eyes without needing to be completely opaque. I also have to give them props for not having a sudden drop of line, there is some slight blending in the pattern (as is the case with all Nudy lenses) so if you have more hazel eyes, these will probably blend beautifully but there sill is a quite noticeable keyhole up close.
They are absolutely as vibrant as they can be without being a completely opaque pattern. I've always seen the Nudy print as a mesh-like design of both opaque and transparent flecks of color within it. Here are some photos I hope help illustrate what I'm trying to say. And while a certainly appreciate the vibrancy that more opaque prints can give you (especially if you have very dark eyes.) I much prefer a somewhat soften keyhole and that's what you get here. The color is strong and keyhole is softened but not exactly non-existent.
These are mostly comfortable but never at the "you forget you're wearing them" level of comfort. I definitely always know they're in. I also got a bit of dry out around the 3 hour mark as well.

Enlargement: 10/10
Print: 9/10
Vibrancy: 9/10
Comfort: 8/10

It's also my first time doing gal makeup in a while and I think the Super Nudy Browns were a good choice for this look.