Saturday, May 30, 2015

Half Year Updates.

Okay, I suck at updates BUT, unlike all the other times I've left this blog abandoned for months on end, I have actually been pretty busy for the first half of this year. Firstly, I spent January and February planning a trip for me and my mom in March.We went to Montana for a winter Ranch trip, which entailed me embarking on my first flight. I was too afraid to look out the window until we were over mountains though, so no Vegas view taking off.

Got a connecting flight in Salt Lake City..
Landed in Bozeman. Which has a very neat airport
Finally got to the ranch after travelling on buses and planes for 12 hours. The guests stay in a little "town" of cabins. We went exploring for a scavenger hunt.

The dining hall, where I ate too much food.
After a bit of exploring we got to our cabin.

On the second day I went ziplining. Had to go alone since my mom was a chicken. I had a blast though and it really was the highlight of the trip for me. Damn shame she didn't join me.
On our last day we went to Yellowstone Park
Saw TONS of Bison

Liberty Cap
Palette Spring
Steam from the spring
The water flowing out from the spring beneath us.
Gift Shop
This was a "rustic trip", so yeah, no makeup or hair styling the whole time.
I was a little disappointed, the roads to the geysers were closed for the winter but we saw some springs and tons of gorgeous landscape. If I had to do it again though I'd probably skip Yellowstone and do some of the other activities the ranch had to offer. We were on a bus for a lot of the trip and I had spent 5 hours on buses 2 days before then, so being cooped up on a bus for another 4 hours (knowing we'd be in for yet another 5 hours on buses the next day going home) was not exactly my idea of fun but my mom wanted to go to Yellowstone so I obliged.

Heading back home.
Clouds over Montana

Back through Salt Lake City

Closing in on Vegas
So I had a great time. Ziplining was the highlight but the landscape was truly beautiful, the camera doesn't do it justice. The food was great, I ate WAY too much over those 3 days. Flying is not as scary as I thought it might be. I didn't get to see much of Vegas while I was there (85% of my time in Vegas was spent in the airport and on a bus) so I'll have to go back some time, hopefully soon.

I got some Bettie bangs in late April....okay I wasn't busy in April, just lazy. Still working with styling them and finding styles that work with them.
Needs more volume but what else is new?

I finally got a prescription for my nearsightedness too. I've been meaning to do this for YEARS but idk, I guess I was in denial about how bad my vision really was...I mean nothing ever really kept me from bringing a piece of paper closer to me face if I needed to read it but when I took the physical for my job the vision portion was godawful. I've had reading glasses but I should be getting my first superscription glasses very soon.

Long story short: Took a trip, took first flight, got new haircut, got vision corrected and that's about where I'm at in the year. My birthday passed too but I didn't do anything. Celebration has been postponed 'til some time in June.

New circle lens review coming soon too btw. I tried to get that done this week but my cameras battery was dying and everything I shot was pretty out of focus so the lenses are hard to see.