Monday, October 6, 2014

Geo Nudy Blue Review (Pinky Paradise Sponsored)

With my EOS Daisy Red lenses I was also sent a pair of Geo Nudy Blue lenses. I used these with my Barbie makeup (for my Halloween countdown that I mentioned in my last post). Like the Princess MiMi Apple Green lenses, I have tried many of the colors in the Nudy series and it is one of my favorite series (second only to the Princess MiMi series) and since I am on a quest to find blue lenses I like this year I wanted to finally see how these looked. I was particularly interested in seeing how this color differs from the Nudy Golden Blue lenses I had a while back and must say I much prefer this color!
These are the classic Geo Nudy Blue lenses and as such they have the 14 mm diameter. I'm used to 14.5 and 15 mm these days so these aren't as big as I'm used to but to be honest I miss the simple slightly more subtle dolly eyes. The Geo Supersize (or Super Nudy) lenses are a bit bigger at 14.5 mm and have a dark limbal ring so if you like this print but want BIG eyes the Super Nudy variant would probably be a better choice.
I adore this pattern and as I've said before these are pretty much universally pretty over all eye colors. Despite having a semi-sheer pattern they somehow look very opaque on the eyes. They're very good at balancing blocking out the natural color while blending into the natural color. They have a faint key hole but the keyhole on this print has never bothered me since the opening is small enough so that my pupils can usually reach the edges.

Since the pattern is kind of mesh-like and blends out your natural color, the color you get is dependent on your natural color. On my eyes these look quite bright but I notice on brown eyes, they have a deeper blue hue that is still quite vibrant.
Not the most comfy lenses in the world but not particularly uncomfortable either. They have that very very light scratchy feeling some lenses have. Probably shouldn't wear for over 4 hours without the aid of eye drops.
Enlargement: 8/10
Print: 10/10
Vibrancy: 10/10
Comfort: 9/10
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  1. They look so beautiful with your make up. I really love the colour.
    Bai, Shiki

    1. Thank you! I'm quite happy with the color too! :D