Saturday, October 4, 2014

EOS Daisy Red Review (Pinky Paradise Sponsored) + 50% off code!

Today I'm reviewing my first set of red lenses and those are EOS Daisy Red lenses! If you've been following me elsewhere you know I've posted a 50% off code for Pinky Paradise so I'll post it here too (it's only good for 2 more days) use Halloween2014memila at PinkyParadise and get HALF off on a lens purchase (excluding phantasee and toric lenses) but it’s only until October 6th!
 I also did a look based on a BJD. This look was part of a Halloween countdown where I do different looks every day until Halloween. So for day 3 I chose this BJD as the inspiration for this look but I'm afraid I don't know whose picture or doll this is as no source was listed when I came across it online but if anyone knows, I will gladly credit their photo!
Anywho, On to the lenses.
At 15mm these do a great job of  enlargement. A good choice for dolly eyes. I've started to do the closeups and comparison photos with out eye makeup on, like I used to, because my eye makeup normally has an enlarging effect too and I just think seeing them without the aid of makeup gives a more honest impression of how they look. Plus not every one wears gyaru-esque makeup with lenses.
Let me start by saying that it is extremely hard to find red lenses that'll blend into eyes of a greenish hue because as you may or may not know red and green are opposites so these colors clash quite harshly at the opening, drawing even more attention to the keyhole than usual. These don't have a huge opening though and there is very slight fade into a yellow tone on the pattern that I hoped would blend into the green and it did, it also softened the keyhole, which is nice but they sit oddly on the eyes (as many lenses do) and so I still get the crescent moon keyholes. Not as noticeable in low light but definitely still there.
The vibrancy was the most disappointing thing about these lenses. These really only look red under a flash. Most of the time they just look brown. I was hoping for something as vivid as the stock photo suggests and it does look like that when it's not in but once you put them in they just look like brown lenses with a hint of a brick red. So if you're in the market for subtly red lenses, these would be great but unfortunately I was looking forward to something a bit brighter.
I've noticed that with most EOS lenses I've tried, they're all quite thin, and these are no exception. This makes them better for long wear but also makes them harder to put in. They fold over on themselves and flop off the eye if you don't put them in correctly on the first try. Thinner lenses usually don't adhere as easily to the eye as a slightly stiffer lens would (but stiffer lenses usually dry out quicker). These also have the usual 2 minute transition where my eyes need to adjust before they become comfortable but after that, it's smooth sailing.

Enlargement: 10/10
Print: 7/10
Vibrancy: 4/10
Comfort: 8/10