Sunday, September 7, 2014

Re:NO Inspired Makeup and DIY Hair Bow

In my efforts to diversify channel content I wanted to do my first "inspired by" look in a LONG time and chose the beautiful Re:No since I did TRY her makeup before but I think the lighter hair really makes a difference since that contrast of pale skin, light hair and dark eyes and lips is what makes her look so striking.

 And boy oh boy was it a clusterfuck! It all started when I wanted to try to film my right eye instead of my left, for once, so this time and my eye is mostly out of frame for the entire thing because every time I looked over, it LOOKED like my eye was in frame but nope! I'd turn my head downward a little bit and it was out of frame! Then my hand got in the way of my lash application. Not to mention the lighting in my room is just hideous and cast harsh shadows around every imperfection, filming at night is never a good idea (never again) AND you can see my boxes of cosplay messiness in the background XD THIS is why I don't make videos often! I'm just not very good at it but HOPEFULLY I can improve and turn out more quality videos in the future. I decided to narrate this video because the visuals aren't exactly thorough so hopefully a verbal guide can help.

Some reference photos.

I also made this bow out of a left over scrap of fabric from a cosplay project and am quite pleased with the way it came out. I made a video for that too and will be posting it shortly on my channel but probably won't post it here.
Outfit pic...I actually really like this outfit. It's a dark, studded, sequin medley.
And since I thought licorice was so funny this night, here's my bonus pics of "Candy Vamp" lol.


  1. You look just like her! Such a good video c:

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, especially since I was considering not uploading it at all!

  2. *-* I love your make up! You're like her!

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  4. Gorgeous! I love that classic look. Your very light skin tone, light hair and oh-so-red lips look really chic and dazzling. Thanks for sharing the make-up video. I hope you're having an awesome fall season! Stay beautiful, Memi!

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshalls Folsom