Monday, September 8, 2014

G&G GBT Sky Review (Pinky Paradise Sponsored)

I also received a pair of G&G GBT Sky lenses from Pinky Paradise. I've been wanting to try these since I liked the GBT Greens so much!
These have a diameter of 14.0 and very light pattern with only a very subtle limbal ring so enlargement is almost nonexistent with these. I knew that going in though because like I said I've owned the green version of these lenses so I was expecting that and I'm fine with that. Not everyone wants nickle sized irises all the time. So a low rating for enlargement is only bad if that's what you're looking for because you won't find it here so it's fitting rating. I was looking for a more natural pair this time so that's a good thing in this case for me.
The pattern or print on these lenses are a beautiful natural print that blend pretty seamlessly. This pattern is on the sheer side, not a lot of opacity here so what patterns like that usually tell you is that your end result is going to be highly dependent on your natural color. So if you have dark brown eyes or bright blue eyes your result is going to be different from my grey/green eyed results.
Based on the picture of the presumably dark eyed model these aren't quite as vibrant and bright as I'd hoped they be, especially considering the model has dark eyes, I was hoping on light eyes they'd pop even more but they really don't. The vibrancy of these like many sheer patters is also dependent on lighting, in natural lighting these do look that bright blue but in lower lighting they have a much darker look. It's still pretty and very natural looking but I was just hoping for that bright icy blue.
They're a little scratchy when I first put them in, that subsides after a little while. Nothing too bad but you'll never really forgot you have these in when you're wearing them. They start to dry out after about 4 hours and once they dry out even if you put some drops in they still kinda do that thing where they stick to your eyeball and are kind of frustrating to remove. So I would recommend trying to keep them moist throughout the day (just a drop every couple of hours) rather than trying to re-moisten them once they're already drying out.
I'd say this series of lenses is most ideal as enhancers for light eyes, if you want to add some blue to your color or if you have blue eyes and want to give them a little bit of enlargement then these would be perfect. I'd also say that these would be great for cosplay. Not too cartoonish but basically if you want to walk that fine line between adding a dolly touch to the eyes but making people second guess the possibility of their naturalness than these would be perfect for you!

Enlargement: 3/10
Pattern: 10/10
Vibrancy: 8/10
Comfort: 7/10

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  1. Love the colour, and your lashes *-*

  2. Love the lenses the look natural and lovely~

    1. I agree! They are really nice for a natural look.