Friday, September 19, 2014

At Home Ear Piercings.

I've had some recent additions to my ears and, yes, I did do these at home but I didn't take the barbaric sewing needle through the ear or the at home ear gun approach.
The redness is actually only from the ice.

 I used this disposable ear piercing unit.
It is a one time use, individually wrapped unit. Made by a medical device manufacturer (Firstomato). Gazboat makes a similar device but mine are from the Firstomato company. Further information about their sterilization process and all that jazz can be found  here. So I did check out all this stuff before I used it on myself. I wanted to ensure this time around I did this in as safe and sterile way as possible (at home) and since this device has been steralized via EtO and comes with a pre-mounted sterilized, surgical steel piercing stud, so you never have to touch the earring before or during the piercing process, seemed like the cleanest option. Plus the packaging ensures that an unopened product stays sterile for two years.

I have pierced my ears myself in the past with some pretty reckless disregard for proper equipment and sanitation protocol. That is to say I pushed a pair a thumbtacks through my ears when I was about 12 (after they healed over twice from professional piercings) and they actually came out fine BUT I just wanted to be on the safe side now that the part of my brain that can process long term consequences of stupidity has fully developed lol. I know what you're thinking "Oh, stupidity? You mean like piercing yourself at home in the first place?" XD WELL, I didn't go to a professional piercer this time around because I have had TWO bad experiences with professionals and I just don't consider lobe piercings that big a deal or risk. Condemn me all you want for saying that but that is genuinely how I feel about lobe piercings. I just don't think it's worth $30 + to get my lobes pierced when I have the option do it at home under safe and clean circumstances for MUCH less.
The second time I skipped the ice and viola, less redness.
 My goal is to have 4-5 lobe holes (depending on spacing /how many holes my lobes can fit before going into cartilage), 1 helix piercing on one side, 1 tragus piercing on the other side and triple forward helix piercings on one or both sides (depending on how the first side goes). Also considering an anti-tragus.

Now, don't get the wrong idea!  I do NOT recommend or condone self piercing anywhere and everywhere on the body! In fact, despite my bad experiences, I will still choose to leave the helix, triple forward helix and tragus piercings to professionals, once I get to them. So I'll let my lobes heal and do an update when they're done. So far I am very happy with the results and can't wait to change out the earrings in a few weeks!

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