Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pastel Goth Makeup

Another video today! This was actually a request from a friend on Facebook so I hope she enjoys it. To be honest, I really don't know much about pastel goth but I gathered what I could from people I've observed who identify with that style and put my own spin on it. I hope I did decent job.
Frankly, I liked the way it came out!
These lower lashes are new and were a pain in the butt to get to adhere without popping up, maybe I just need a stronger lash glue?
I also have zero cloths that would accommodate this look to a tee and the fashion aspect of the look does seem to be equally as important as the makeup and hair so I just kept it simple and did what I could.
 I lacked so much in the style department that I actually made those horns just for this video so I would have SOMETHING that's associated with the style! I made a little video about that too, so if you got some alligator clips and spare clay lying around it's a fun and easy project that you can customize so that'll be coming up on my channel soon.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Geo Princess MiMi Apple Green Review (Geo Coloured Lenses Sponsored)

Geo Coloured Lenses was kind enough to send me a pair of lenses that I have actually been dying to try for YEARS but never got around to. Geo Princess MiMi Apple Green! As some of you may know Geo Princess MiMi Chocolate Browns are probably my all time favorite circle lenses. I am a creature of habit, unfortunately, so I tend to rebuy lenses I already know I'll like. Once I bought the Sesame Grey lenses from this series though I was keen on trying the Apple Greens some day and I was not disappointed!
Geo Princess MiMi series used to all be 15mm in diameter but now I believe there are variations and I've seen them range from 14.8mm  to 15mm. My vials say this specific pair is 14.8mm. Even so, the enlargement is still really fantastic. 
The pattern, of course, is the same as the Chocolate Brown and Sesame Grey in this series. Both of which I have owned before and it is a pattern that I adore. Even more so now that I've got them in a the closest color to my natural eyes. They all blend wonderfully into the natural eye color but they'll always blend particularly well into colors most similar to your natural eye color. They are also are that rare balance of providing undeniably doll eyes while avoiding a harsh key hole effect. The key to this is the fact that the print has a very opaque and dark limbal ring on the outer edges and becomes more sheer as it fades toward the middle. It also puts a yellow/orange tone closest to the pupil which blends well into most eye colors.
Although I do have extensive experience with the Chocolate Brown color in this series, each color has something different to offer. These are a pretty forest green and it shows from near and far in almost any light. I usually have little to say on vibrancy unless I have a complaint and I don't here so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Another thing I love about this series is that the print makes it very easy to tell whether they're inside out or not, making the possibility of putting them in the wrong way exceptionally low and avoiding any of that discomfort all together. They are easy to put in and take out and I think it's because they are firm enough to let them adhere to the eyeball with flopping around or sticking to itself but soft enough so that discomfort and dryness aren't an issue. I can wear these for over 7 hours without any sign of drying or discomfort.

 Now that I've tried all three colors (excluding the Almond Browns as it is a different print) I can safely crown the Geo Princess MiMis as my favorite series of circle lenses!

Enlargement: 10/10
Print: 10/10
Vibrancy: 10/10
Comfort: 10/10

Friday, September 19, 2014

At Home Ear Piercings.

I've had some recent additions to my ears and, yes, I did do these at home but I didn't take the barbaric sewing needle through the ear or the at home ear gun approach.
The redness is actually only from the ice.

 I used this disposable ear piercing unit.
It is a one time use, individually wrapped unit. Made by a medical device manufacturer (Firstomato). Gazboat makes a similar device but mine are from the Firstomato company. Further information about their sterilization process and all that jazz can be found  here. So I did check out all this stuff before I used it on myself. I wanted to ensure this time around I did this in as safe and sterile way as possible (at home) and since this device has been steralized via EtO and comes with a pre-mounted sterilized, surgical steel piercing stud, so you never have to touch the earring before or during the piercing process, seemed like the cleanest option. Plus the packaging ensures that an unopened product stays sterile for two years.

I have pierced my ears myself in the past with some pretty reckless disregard for proper equipment and sanitation protocol. That is to say I pushed a pair a thumbtacks through my ears when I was about 12 (after they healed over twice from professional piercings) and they actually came out fine BUT I just wanted to be on the safe side now that the part of my brain that can process long term consequences of stupidity has fully developed lol. I know what you're thinking "Oh, stupidity? You mean like piercing yourself at home in the first place?" XD WELL, I didn't go to a professional piercer this time around because I have had TWO bad experiences with professionals and I just don't consider lobe piercings that big a deal or risk. Condemn me all you want for saying that but that is genuinely how I feel about lobe piercings. I just don't think it's worth $30 + to get my lobes pierced when I have the option do it at home under safe and clean circumstances for MUCH less.
The second time I skipped the ice and viola, less redness.
 My goal is to have 4-5 lobe holes (depending on spacing /how many holes my lobes can fit before going into cartilage), 1 helix piercing on one side, 1 tragus piercing on the other side and triple forward helix piercings on one or both sides (depending on how the first side goes). Also considering an anti-tragus.

Now, don't get the wrong idea!  I do NOT recommend or condone self piercing anywhere and everywhere on the body! In fact, despite my bad experiences, I will still choose to leave the helix, triple forward helix and tragus piercings to professionals, once I get to them. So I'll let my lobes heal and do an update when they're done. So far I am very happy with the results and can't wait to change out the earrings in a few weeks!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Manson White Lens Review (Spooky Eyes Sponsored) + Spooky Horror Doll Makeup.

Halloween season is upon us again and was kind enough to send me a pair of  Manson White Contact Lenses by Dream Eyes to review and since these are like the lenses I usually I didn't think it'd be fair to review them the same way I normally score lenses. So my usual chart is out the window and I'm just gonna say what I think of the lenses. THEY ARE FRICKIN' AWESOME!
At first I thought these were the usual white out contacts, where only your pupil is visible, but then I noticed these have a rim around the outside. These rims make it look like your eyes are actually glowing! Like with most lenses with a print this opaque I was expecting a keyhole and while I do have tiny one under a flash with my eyes widened, there really isn't one to speak of (which I am thrilled about). You do get a bit of white tunnel vision if you dart your eyes around but with a print this opaque and an opening this small, I'd say that's impossible to avoid.
They are very comfortable and these being my first pair of lenses commonly used for Halloween or special FX purposes, I wasn't sure what to expect comfort-wise but they're great. I wore them for at least 4 hours with no signs of discomfort (or impeding discomfort) during that time.
Overall I think they're really great and if you want white glowing eyes for any reason this Halloween (or any time!) these are a great choice.
 I was so excited about these lenses that it even inspired me to do a Halloween themed Spooky Horror Doll Makeup video. I even painted my arms and hands white for this video so I hope that speaks volumes of my enthusiasm. Making a video wasn't part of the sponsorship either, I was just genuinely that excited about doing something with these lenses! XD Still working on finding decent lighting, it's better in the bathroom but the colors look so bright and contrasted. Especially in this video where the colors where actually more muted.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

EOS Ice Green Review (Pinky Paradise Sponsored) + Simple Dolly Makeup Video

Along with the G&G GBT Sky lenses, I also received a pair of EOS Ice Green lenses from Pinky Paradise to review. I'm doing these reviews in separate posts (and a few days apart) because I liked these lenses so much, I wanted to do a video featuring them. On to the review first though!
They make your eyes pretty huge. They have a diameter of 14.8 and the print has a very thin but dark limbal ring which usually helps with the dolly eye illusion. Halo effects are also very common with these lenses, I've noticed. I've got one with these and it's usually pretty hard for me to get any kind of halo effect with circle lenses so I was happy about that. Halo effects are a matter of taste though, some people like them, some people don't. I do.
I love this pattern. It does very much live up to it's name, they look just like ice when it starts to form over water. Like on lakes and ponds in the winter. Or if you live in a hotter climate like me...perhaps you've seen it in an ice tray at some point? lol But it is that ice forming pattern and you can actually see that pattern a little better on dark eyes (I've noticed that too) but these work really great as eye color enhancers for people with light eyes because of the print. Which is kind of a catch 22. You get a pattern that blends really well into light eyes but it usually means it won't catch all the details of the pattern like dark eyes do (because it uses the darkness as a backdrop and provides contrast). But I love how they blend into light eyes and if you buy these in the color closest to your natural color they look especially stunning.
These show up great on light eyes, they really pop and you can see their color from far away too. Not much to elaborate on, I'm very happy with this color!
I had no problems putting these in or taking them out. They didn't dry out and they felt like nothing in my eyes. There wasn't even that brief moment of discomfort while my eyes adjust that I get with about 80% of circle lenses. Can't ask for more than that, right? I got so carried away with filming that forgot to take proper closeups until my make was a bit worn out so sorry if it's not as pristine as fresh makeup and forgot to take one in/one picture all together so a makeup-less shot of the size difference will have to do.

Enlargement: 10/10
Print: 9/10
Vibrancy: 10/10
Comfort: 10/10

Use code Memila to get a free gift with your Pinky Paradise purchase! 

As I mentioned before, these are the lenses featured in my newest makeup video for Simple Dolly Makeup so here that is.
 It may be autumn but it's still too hot for that hat! The hat also kept pulling my bangs up, so I took it off and did some pigtails instead.

Monday, September 8, 2014

G&G GBT Sky Review (Pinky Paradise Sponsored)

I also received a pair of G&G GBT Sky lenses from Pinky Paradise. I've been wanting to try these since I liked the GBT Greens so much!
These have a diameter of 14.0 and very light pattern with only a very subtle limbal ring so enlargement is almost nonexistent with these. I knew that going in though because like I said I've owned the green version of these lenses so I was expecting that and I'm fine with that. Not everyone wants nickle sized irises all the time. So a low rating for enlargement is only bad if that's what you're looking for because you won't find it here so it's fitting rating. I was looking for a more natural pair this time so that's a good thing in this case for me.
The pattern or print on these lenses are a beautiful natural print that blend pretty seamlessly. This pattern is on the sheer side, not a lot of opacity here so what patterns like that usually tell you is that your end result is going to be highly dependent on your natural color. So if you have dark brown eyes or bright blue eyes your result is going to be different from my grey/green eyed results.
Based on the picture of the presumably dark eyed model these aren't quite as vibrant and bright as I'd hoped they be, especially considering the model has dark eyes, I was hoping on light eyes they'd pop even more but they really don't. The vibrancy of these like many sheer patters is also dependent on lighting, in natural lighting these do look that bright blue but in lower lighting they have a much darker look. It's still pretty and very natural looking but I was just hoping for that bright icy blue.
They're a little scratchy when I first put them in, that subsides after a little while. Nothing too bad but you'll never really forgot you have these in when you're wearing them. They start to dry out after about 4 hours and once they dry out even if you put some drops in they still kinda do that thing where they stick to your eyeball and are kind of frustrating to remove. So I would recommend trying to keep them moist throughout the day (just a drop every couple of hours) rather than trying to re-moisten them once they're already drying out.
I'd say this series of lenses is most ideal as enhancers for light eyes, if you want to add some blue to your color or if you have blue eyes and want to give them a little bit of enlargement then these would be perfect. I'd also say that these would be great for cosplay. Not too cartoonish but basically if you want to walk that fine line between adding a dolly touch to the eyes but making people second guess the possibility of their naturalness than these would be perfect for you!

Enlargement: 3/10
Pattern: 10/10
Vibrancy: 8/10
Comfort: 7/10

P.S - Use my code Memila and get a free gift with your purchase!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Re:NO Inspired Makeup and DIY Hair Bow

In my efforts to diversify channel content I wanted to do my first "inspired by" look in a LONG time and chose the beautiful Re:No since I did TRY her makeup before but I think the lighter hair really makes a difference since that contrast of pale skin, light hair and dark eyes and lips is what makes her look so striking.

 And boy oh boy was it a clusterfuck! It all started when I wanted to try to film my right eye instead of my left, for once, so this time and my eye is mostly out of frame for the entire thing because every time I looked over, it LOOKED like my eye was in frame but nope! I'd turn my head downward a little bit and it was out of frame! Then my hand got in the way of my lash application. Not to mention the lighting in my room is just hideous and cast harsh shadows around every imperfection, filming at night is never a good idea (never again) AND you can see my boxes of cosplay messiness in the background XD THIS is why I don't make videos often! I'm just not very good at it but HOPEFULLY I can improve and turn out more quality videos in the future. I decided to narrate this video because the visuals aren't exactly thorough so hopefully a verbal guide can help.

Some reference photos.

I also made this bow out of a left over scrap of fabric from a cosplay project and am quite pleased with the way it came out. I made a video for that too and will be posting it shortly on my channel but probably won't post it here.
Outfit pic...I actually really like this outfit. It's a dark, studded, sequin medley.
And since I thought licorice was so funny this night, here's my bonus pics of "Candy Vamp" lol.