Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rokku Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

Finally getting back to blogging and FINALLY getting back into making videos for my Youtube channel!
This is something more in the vein of Sakurina-esque rokku makeup and I'd like to do something a bit more dramatic in the future. As well as expand my videos beyond gyaru focused looks, gyaru looks will still be there but I am looking to diversify some.
My hair looked decent...for about 10 minutes because the humidity from recent rains accompanied by 103 degree heat was just too much for it :( and I'm pretty out of practice when it come to my twist rows too.
.I had some time on Saturday to record a new video (albeit not in the greatest light, but I'm working on that) for some heavier rokku style gyaru makeup. This is the first video I've made for youtube since I got my Canon and sadly, it doesn't show because lighting in my room is hideous XD. Got around to editing the video on Sunday and the final result is below.

A few things I want to say about this video.
1. It took me seven tries to get the edited version of this to save correctly! SEVEN!
2. My eye looks irritated because it is. I was looking for an eye shadow palette that was under a pillow my dog was laying on (the purple pillow you see in the background, actually)and I pulled the pillow out from under her and it hit me right in the eye!
3. The pillow also left a small fuzz ball in my hair that can be seen the final look XD.
4. I forgot to film/mention the part where I lined the inner half of my waterline with a kohl liner!
5. I am sorry I will never get a decent/non-blurry shot of me applying lower lashes.
It was a mess, I know! I am out of practice to say the least though so please forgive these flubs.