Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hair cut and a new puppy.

I got a haircut last week. First time in many years for getting it cut professionally. I usually let my hair grow out and do whatever with it for 3-4 years and then finally chop it all off into a short bob to get rid of the damage I've done (and boy have I done a number on it the past few years!). This time though I just asked for some layers and side swept bangs. I like it. I mean, in retrospect I probably just should have had her take the severely damaged length and gone for my usual bob but I wasn't ready to part with the length yet! She said I have about 7 months of growth before my hair goes back to being really healthy (with regular trims).

Honestly, I am a bit phobic when it comes to hairdressers though. I think it stems from the time when I was 8 and my mom took me in for "just a trim" and I came out on the verge of tears with a pixie cut (I've met so many people who have similar horror stories from their childhood). That happened though because I wanted to lighten my hair that summer, so I used my sister's Sun In all summer and it damaged my hair so badly it needed to all be cut off. It was during early winter by the time I was finally coaxed into getting a hair cut, so afterwards when I got to school I refused to take my coat off and kept the collar pulled up around my neck and it took my teacher 4 days to realize I had gotten a haircut. I HATED that cut and yes I was mistaken for a boy and yes I cried about it. I had much better luck this time! It blends nicely with extensions too!
In other news we got a puppy! Well it's really my niece's puppy but she's 9 so we take of it -_- I did pick the name out though. Her name is Bitsy (yes, after Helen's dog in Bob's Burgers that she thought got eaten by a python lmao).
I tried to get some cute pictures with her but it just wasn't happening lol. We both ended up looking stupid.



    1. Thank you! <3 She is a cutie but she can't hold still for a picture unless she's asleep lol.

  2. You definitely rocking your new hairstyle, Memi. Layers and side swept bangs suits your personality more, it’s bubbly and young. And it was a good decision to have it done by professionals. Our hair really needs to be pamper from time to time to maintain its good health and natural glow. Cheers!

    Marsha Garrett @ Charisma for Hair