Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vassen Sirius Brown Review (Pinky Paradise Sponsored Review)

Hello, all! As you may have guessed from the title, this is a review of my newest pair of lenses which are the Vassen Sirius Brown lenses. 
I'm excited about this post because this is my first sponsored review and another of my New Year's Resolutions was to begin doing reviews again (also, to just update my blog more!). So I figured where better to start than a company I've had many a good experiences with and am practically a walking billboard for anyway lol?
For my review, I chose the Sirius Brown lenses because I really wanted something suitable for onee gyaru looks and these looked like they'd fit the bill. Upon getting them I noticed the pattern was a bit more pixelated looking than I expected based on the site's image of the lens by itself and it is a very sheer pattern that works with your natural color to get the end result.
I'd say they're more of a hazel color than actual brown and on my eyes they definitely look to be a hazel green more so than a brown but they are a "blend of 3 tones" so a hazel look is expected. A darker or lighter natural eye will obviously render varied looks which is a good quality in a lens imo but can be problematic for people wanting predictability in a lens' pattern/print. Some (like me) think it's nice to not have cookie cutter results with every lens and what looks one way on your eyes might read as being entirely different on another person's eyes so every wearer's experience is unique but some people are going to want to know to a certainty beforehand what the pattern will look like on their eyes and with lenses like these, the only way to know for sure is to try them out for yourself. If you have hazel, dark grey or green eyes (one of the 3 tones blended in) I can safely say these will blend nicely into your natural color but be cautious if your natural color contrasts greatly with the lens color as it will result in a stronger keyhole effect.
These are 15.0 mm so they do provide quite a bit of enlargement without the hard edges of more dolly lenses so they are less obvious. Definitely a good fit for onee gyaru. These are also REALLY good for people wanting that halo effect. With a sheer pattern and large diameter you are practically guaranteed a solid halo effect (unless you have VERY large iris').
Side by side mid-day light
Daylight (evening) closeup (with makeup, obviously)
The comfort was the only issue I had with these lenses. These max out at about 5 hours. I wore these for 7 hours and they started getting very dry and reddened my eyes at about 5 hours onward. Most circle lenses you can wear up to eight hours before discomfort begins. So either limit your wear time or bring some eye drops along.

Comfort: 6/10
Pattern/Print: 8/10
Vibrancy (on light eyes): 9/10
Enlargement: 10/10

If you're interested in these lenses you can, of course, get them at Pinky Paradise and if you use the code Memila you get a free mystery gift with your purchase and it's stackable (up to three purchases per-order) ! :D

PS. Sorry about the lighting washing me out some. I thought I had more daylight left than I did so excuse the bright glowing skin XD


  1. Hmm, Ive been looking for these lenses, but there is a brighter circle around your eyes, and I really dont understand why, because these lenses have a dark circle around them e_e. But they have such a beautiful effect. And I love your eye make up *O*

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  2. The brighter circle is what a lot of people refer to as a "halo effect".It's when the print on the lens is sheer enough to see the space between your natural iris and the lens' edge. The dark rim on the lens is just not as noticeable on the eyes as it is in the case.

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