Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spookyeyes Lens Review (Sponsored)

Hello! I'm back with another sponsored lens review but this time it's on a shop I have no previous experience with and that is Spookyeyes, they sell a variety of lenses ranging from Halloween lenses to natural looking 30 day lenses.  I was contacted by them to review of a couple of pairs of lenses of my choosing and since I was looking for something outside of my typical circle lenses (Geo, EOS ect.), I was happy to take the opportunity to try out some different lenses. I chose Natural Green and Blue Sparkle lenses, both  are by Dream Eyes and have a 1 year lens wear, although the site has different brands and options available if you're looking for something different. They were sent out right away and I got them very quickly.
I also love the way the site is organized by both lens color and lens style, it's very easy to find what you are looking for. I happen to be looking for green and blue lenses with an opaque pattern and with some enlargement capabilities. So not totally ditching the circle lens theme but I did wanna try a brand I hadn't before :D. One thing the site lacks in it's description of lenses though is something I am used to seeing on circle lens sites and that's things like diameter and base curve (you can find these details on the brands official website though so it's not that big a deal but it'd certainly be more convenient to have it in the description on the site). 

Natural Green
Something I must say about both sets of lenses is that despite the site's lack of human models, what you see is what you get. The prints are identical to the photos. Even though these are called "natural green" it's very hard to get a natural color on lenses with such a opaque print on them, I'd say they are on the bolder side but I like them better because of it.
 I love the shade of green and they meet most of my criteria for beloved lenses. They are easy to put in and take out, the print is easy to see if it is inside out or not, they give a good amount of enlargement (at 14.5mm) and they are very comfortable even after hours of wear.
Comfort: 10/10
Pattern/Print: 7/10
Vibrancy (on light eyes): 8/10
Enlargement: 8/10

Blue Sparkle 
Okay, so for whatever reason it is VERY hard for me to find blue lenses that I like. I'm very picky about color and pattern and have found very few (only three) that I've liked. HOWEVER since I did want something a little more bold (and dare I say cartoonish?) this time around, I threw my usual preferences out the window and opted for a set of the Blue Sparkle lenses.
I - LOVE - THIS - COLOR! Again, very easy to put in and take out, very comfy and a very pretty color. They are very vibrant in broad daylight but not so much in lower lights. It's a little harder to tell based on patter alone if they are inside out or not but this pattern definitely gives the illusion of being a bit bigger than the Natural Green despite the fact they are both 14.5 mm.
 There still is something of a keyhole with these but I don't mind so much because the pattern subtly zigzags off rather than being a clean cut circle. Which is not as good as a lens that blends seamlessly into your natural eye color but still really nice.
Comfort: 10/10
Pattern/Print: 9/10
Vibrancy (on light eyes): 10/10
Enlargement: 10/10

 The ONE issue I had with both these sets of lenses is one I've had with many lenses and that is the dreaded keyhole. (Less so with Sparkle Blue because the print doesn't stop in one harsh line.) It isn't something most people more than 14 inches away from your face would normally notice and some people don't mind them at all but it's usually just not my taste. Particularly if the lenses sit oddly on the eyes. My perspective, as always, is one of a person with light eyes though and I don't believe it will be noticeable on darker eyes as those can pass for large pupils from a very short distance (a capability most light eyes lack). Although I cannot attest to the vibrancy in color these lenses may, or may not, have on darker eyes. Overall I really like these lenses and despite the keyholes will wear them regularly as every other aspect of them is wonderful.

UPDATE: The days after I did this review the website has put up more details on the lenses for their site! Which, to me, shows they're very good and quick with handling feedback!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vassen Sirius Brown Review (Pinky Paradise Sponsored Review)

Hello, all! As you may have guessed from the title, this is a review of my newest pair of lenses which are the Vassen Sirius Brown lenses. 
I'm excited about this post because this is my first sponsored review and another of my New Year's Resolutions was to begin doing reviews again (also, to just update my blog more!). So I figured where better to start than a company I've had many a good experiences with and am practically a walking billboard for anyway lol?
For my review, I chose the Sirius Brown lenses because I really wanted something suitable for onee gyaru looks and these looked like they'd fit the bill. Upon getting them I noticed the pattern was a bit more pixelated looking than I expected based on the site's image of the lens by itself and it is a very sheer pattern that works with your natural color to get the end result.
I'd say they're more of a hazel color than actual brown and on my eyes they definitely look to be a hazel green more so than a brown but they are a "blend of 3 tones" so a hazel look is expected. A darker or lighter natural eye will obviously render varied looks which is a good quality in a lens imo but can be problematic for people wanting predictability in a lens' pattern/print. Some (like me) think it's nice to not have cookie cutter results with every lens and what looks one way on your eyes might read as being entirely different on another person's eyes so every wearer's experience is unique but some people are going to want to know to a certainty beforehand what the pattern will look like on their eyes and with lenses like these, the only way to know for sure is to try them out for yourself. If you have hazel, dark grey or green eyes (one of the 3 tones blended in) I can safely say these will blend nicely into your natural color but be cautious if your natural color contrasts greatly with the lens color as it will result in a stronger keyhole effect.
These are 15.0 mm so they do provide quite a bit of enlargement without the hard edges of more dolly lenses so they are less obvious. Definitely a good fit for onee gyaru. These are also REALLY good for people wanting that halo effect. With a sheer pattern and large diameter you are practically guaranteed a solid halo effect (unless you have VERY large iris').
Side by side mid-day light
Daylight (evening) closeup (with makeup, obviously)
The comfort was the only issue I had with these lenses. These max out at about 5 hours. I wore these for 7 hours and they started getting very dry and reddened my eyes at about 5 hours onward. Most circle lenses you can wear up to eight hours before discomfort begins. So either limit your wear time or bring some eye drops along.

Comfort: 6/10
Pattern/Print: 8/10
Vibrancy (on light eyes): 9/10
Enlargement: 10/10

If you're interested in these lenses you can, of course, get them at Pinky Paradise and if you use the code Memila you get a free mystery gift with your purchase and it's stackable (up to three purchases per-order) ! :D

PS. Sorry about the lighting washing me out some. I thought I had more daylight left than I did so excuse the bright glowing skin XD

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Still Fulfilling Resolutions

I know I've been MIA on this blog for a while but with good reason (for once XD). The past month or so has been a bit of whirlwind time for me and getting things together for my future. I know the notion of new beginnings is fairly common for people ringing in the new year but this year I was/am really hoping will be a game changer for me. I've been very focused on my New Years Resolutions, which I realize this post seems quite a bit late for but better late than never! I made a lot this year and will share them as I complete them.
The day I got my job.
My first goal was to seek full-time employment. As a student I had a really hard time arranging a schedule that ever allowed for full time work but I bumped it up to priority #1 and was able to find a job that accommodated my schedule and it is in a smaller environment with people I really like and feel comfortable working with. The makeup here is pretty light for gal, I know, but it was for a job interview after all.
Training day.
 I don't think my boss cares too much about makeup though so I don't think some heavier looks will affect my work but anyway, I will now be a barista to earn some coin while I finish up getting my degree! In the mean time, my makeup's been extremely simplistic...but it's too hot for wigs and heavy makeup everyday anyway.

Training Day Part II
I've actually had to do a lot of training lately lol. Never knew coffee making was so scrupulous.
I will have some more goals to share in my next post as I have a lot of things in the pan right now and hopefully it's all good stuff from here on out because after a recent rough patch I really needed to get over this hump and move forward. I hope everyone reading has had a pleasant first 4 months of the new year and if you haven't, it's certainly not too late! Good things are waiting for you!