Sunday, December 28, 2014

Geo Tri Color Brown Review (Pinkicon Sponsored)

Today I am reviewing a pair of lenses from pinkicon, a Hong Kong based shop that sells everything from circle lenses to wigs and lashes and even Fuji Film cameras. They also offer free shipping and very reasonable prices on year wear circle lenses, with a WIDE variety of lens options (daily, monthly and yearly).
Use coupon code A24680000 and get $5 off any yearly lenses (excluding toric)! 
 I received my lenses on Christmas eve, so it was like an early gift! They came with a lens care guide and a card to help you keep track of your lenses expiration dates, the card is certainly something I'm going to be using. The lenses came in the standard Geo vials for year wear lenses that has the scratch off authenticity check code.
Side note: This pic was taken after I'd opened the vials and realized I should get a picture of it. They, of course, came sealed!

I chose Geo Tri Color Brown (called 3-tone on the site) for review since lately I've been looking for more natural lenses that look nice with lighter and softer looks. I mention this because I think it is important to keep in mind what one is looking/hoping for in a pair of circle lenses when considering the rating the lenses are given. These will definitely not rank highly in terms of enlargement but in this case that's a good thing.

With a diameter of 14.2, enlargement is pretty minimal. So if you're looking for a more natural lens that gives a less obvious enlargement or could still (maybe?) pass as your real eyes, these would be a good choice. It's been a while since I've had lenses with this small a diameter and it's actually quite refreshing !

The pattern is light and natural looking. It blends away your natural eye color by blending into it. That being said, this is a lens like every other sheer patterned lens where your natural color does play a factor in the vibrancy of the color that you end up getting. So results WILL vary from person to person (unlike solid/opaque prints, which render more predictable outcomes). There also is no harsh key hole, which is nice and the pattern does not interfere with your vision if you dart your eyes around, like some larger diameter lenses often do.

The color is surprisingly bold on the eyes, I honestly wasn't expecting as much color as I got. That was my only initial concern about these lenses; how I thought that since the pattern was on the sheer side no brown would read over my eye color at all and, at most, I'd get a hazel green out of these. They proved me wrong though and these give me a light golden brown color that I absolutely adore.

Comfort really is the only downfall of these lenses. It was only so-so which was disappointing since I've always felt that Geo lenses are some of the most comfortable ones out there but these are an exception. They are initially very comfy but begin to dry up after about 2 hours. It's not an unbearable pain or anything but is extremely annoying if you haven't got any eye drops with you.

Enlargement: 4/10
Print: 9/10
Vibrancy: 10/10
Comfort: 5/10

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Spoopy Halloween Countdown

Now that October had wound down I think it is time to share my Spoopy Halloween Countdown in full. WTF is a "Spoopy Halloween Countdown"? You may be asking. Well this all started when I noticed the first of October fell on a Wednesday, so I decided to have a bit of fun with it and dress up in a similar style to Wednesday Addams. Upon seeing this, a friend suggested I do a different costume look every day counting down to Halloween. It would just be makeup and hair and basically be a closet cosplay series. I wanted more practice with makeup outside the gyaru style, since that is normal for me, so I thought trying out some costume looks might be fun. So here it is all my looks counting down to Halloween.

Oct. 1st - Wednesday Addams (inspired by, not an actual costume look)

Oct. 2nd - Lydia Deetz

Oct 3rd - Bloody BJD

Oct. 4th - Siouxsie Sioux 

Oct 5th - Vampira

Oct. 6th - Barbie
Oct. 7th - Betty Boop

Oct. 8th - Klarion The Witch Boy

Oct . 9th - Elvira

Oct. 10th - Beth Kane as Alice

Oct. 11th - Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist)

Oct. 12th - Ventriloquist Dummy

Oct. 13th - Lily Munster

Oct. 14th - Zombie

Oct. 15th -  Annie Leonhardt

Oct. 16th - Female Titan

Oct. 17th - Tiffany (Bride of Chucky)

Oct. 18th - Asa Vajda ( Black Sunday)

Oct. 19th - Elphaba (Wicked)
Oct. 20th - Cesare (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari)

Oct. 21st - Kate Kane (Batwoman)
Another cosplay I am working on.

Oct. 22nd - Elf

Oct. 23rd - Wicked Witch of the West

Oct. 24th - Snow White

Oct. 25th - Mrs. Lovett

Oct. 26th - The Joker

Oct. 27th - Charlie Chaplin (as The Tramp)

Oct. 28th - Audrey Hepburn (as Sabrina Fairchild)

Oct. 29th - Edward Scissorhands

Oct 30th - Femme Joker

Harley Quinn
And so The Spoopy Halloween Countdown comes to a close. It was fun while it lasted though and helped me get into the Halloween spirit. Multiple pictures of each look are here if you wanna check those out. I think I actually had the most fun with Elvira since I got to use props XD
I had a great time this Halloween. I just used one of the cosplay costumes I'd been working on, I picked Harley Quinn since I knew I'd be outside for a while and that costume covers the most skin. It actually wasn't very cold at all this year until much later in the night.
My little vampire niece.
I took my niece downtown to the "Halloween Bash" they have down there so she could Trick or Treat....I got some candy too while we were down there lol. People see me dressed up and seem to feel obligated to give me candy too, so why not? lol
The wind messed up my collar >:|

The cold really wasn't an issue but the wind sure was! It started blowing strands of my hair out of my hood and blowing my collar every which way! NONE of my pictures include my shoes too >:( Maybe I can track down some of the people who asked for a picture of and with me...perhaps they got some better shots that included my shoes. Also, my hood started eventually riding up too XD. It's good that wore this on Halloween instead of to a convention though because it gives me time to work out these kinks.
Marshmallow cone from the Ice Cream Shop

 Then we all came home, ordered some pizza and watched scary movies. Later in the night me and my sister read scary stories and watched ghost hunting shows. It was pretty fun. I kind of wish we'd done more birthday oriented things for my brother's birthday (also on Halloween) but he just wanted to do Halloween things. Maybe next year? I hope everyone else had a great Halloween!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Geo Nudy Blue Review (Pinky Paradise Sponsored)

With my EOS Daisy Red lenses I was also sent a pair of Geo Nudy Blue lenses. I used these with my Barbie makeup (for my Halloween countdown that I mentioned in my last post). Like the Princess MiMi Apple Green lenses, I have tried many of the colors in the Nudy series and it is one of my favorite series (second only to the Princess MiMi series) and since I am on a quest to find blue lenses I like this year I wanted to finally see how these looked. I was particularly interested in seeing how this color differs from the Nudy Golden Blue lenses I had a while back and must say I much prefer this color!
These are the classic Geo Nudy Blue lenses and as such they have the 14 mm diameter. I'm used to 14.5 and 15 mm these days so these aren't as big as I'm used to but to be honest I miss the simple slightly more subtle dolly eyes. The Geo Supersize (or Super Nudy) lenses are a bit bigger at 14.5 mm and have a dark limbal ring so if you like this print but want BIG eyes the Super Nudy variant would probably be a better choice.
I adore this pattern and as I've said before these are pretty much universally pretty over all eye colors. Despite having a semi-sheer pattern they somehow look very opaque on the eyes. They're very good at balancing blocking out the natural color while blending into the natural color. They have a faint key hole but the keyhole on this print has never bothered me since the opening is small enough so that my pupils can usually reach the edges.

Since the pattern is kind of mesh-like and blends out your natural color, the color you get is dependent on your natural color. On my eyes these look quite bright but I notice on brown eyes, they have a deeper blue hue that is still quite vibrant.
Not the most comfy lenses in the world but not particularly uncomfortable either. They have that very very light scratchy feeling some lenses have. Probably shouldn't wear for over 4 hours without the aid of eye drops.
Enlargement: 8/10
Print: 10/10
Vibrancy: 10/10
Comfort: 9/10
P.S - Use my code Memila and get a free gift with your  Pinky Paradise purchase!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

EOS Daisy Red Review (Pinky Paradise Sponsored) + 50% off code!

Today I'm reviewing my first set of red lenses and those are EOS Daisy Red lenses! If you've been following me elsewhere you know I've posted a 50% off code for Pinky Paradise so I'll post it here too (it's only good for 2 more days) use Halloween2014memila at PinkyParadise and get HALF off on a lens purchase (excluding phantasee and toric lenses) but it’s only until October 6th!
 I also did a look based on a BJD. This look was part of a Halloween countdown where I do different looks every day until Halloween. So for day 3 I chose this BJD as the inspiration for this look but I'm afraid I don't know whose picture or doll this is as no source was listed when I came across it online but if anyone knows, I will gladly credit their photo!
Anywho, On to the lenses.
At 15mm these do a great job of  enlargement. A good choice for dolly eyes. I've started to do the closeups and comparison photos with out eye makeup on, like I used to, because my eye makeup normally has an enlarging effect too and I just think seeing them without the aid of makeup gives a more honest impression of how they look. Plus not every one wears gyaru-esque makeup with lenses.
Let me start by saying that it is extremely hard to find red lenses that'll blend into eyes of a greenish hue because as you may or may not know red and green are opposites so these colors clash quite harshly at the opening, drawing even more attention to the keyhole than usual. These don't have a huge opening though and there is very slight fade into a yellow tone on the pattern that I hoped would blend into the green and it did, it also softened the keyhole, which is nice but they sit oddly on the eyes (as many lenses do) and so I still get the crescent moon keyholes. Not as noticeable in low light but definitely still there.
The vibrancy was the most disappointing thing about these lenses. These really only look red under a flash. Most of the time they just look brown. I was hoping for something as vivid as the stock photo suggests and it does look like that when it's not in but once you put them in they just look like brown lenses with a hint of a brick red. So if you're in the market for subtly red lenses, these would be great but unfortunately I was looking forward to something a bit brighter.
I've noticed that with most EOS lenses I've tried, they're all quite thin, and these are no exception. This makes them better for long wear but also makes them harder to put in. They fold over on themselves and flop off the eye if you don't put them in correctly on the first try. Thinner lenses usually don't adhere as easily to the eye as a slightly stiffer lens would (but stiffer lenses usually dry out quicker). These also have the usual 2 minute transition where my eyes need to adjust before they become comfortable but after that, it's smooth sailing.

Enlargement: 10/10
Print: 7/10
Vibrancy: 4/10
Comfort: 8/10