Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had/ is having a good holiday season! 
I spent most of my week baking XD Cookies and muffins, mostly.
I also helped set up the Christmas tree this season, I normally don't anymore. Me and my sister always used to but I just haven't for some reason in years. It's just a little tree though so it wasn't much work. We lost the star and my brother made one out of paper!
My Christmas eve look was kinda boring. My mom likes me to tone it down for the holidays.
No bottom lashes :( and I always rock a red lip for Christmas. I wondered why my face looked so broad here but then I remembered I had forgotten to contour.
Human peppermint lol.
For Christmas I got the Nightwing and Joker Funk Pop figures :D
The family grows.
The Man Who Laughs one-shot comic. Being that Conrad Veidt as Gwynplaine was the inspiration for The Joker's original design and the film is the namesake for the comic title I thought it'd be neat to see them side-by-side XD.
And some movies.
My later holiday makeup was a bit more dramatic.
Green lenses, red lips, gold shadow and silver glitter made sense as a holiday look in my mind.
That's about it for my holidays. Pretty standard, but pretty good. I enjoyed dinner and time with my family and I hope the new year will bring many new and good things for everyone!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Week of Some Fairy Kei.

I was into some serious fairy kei business this week lol. I was going through some older clothes when it dawned on me..."Man, I wore a lot of pastels back then." Then, I also realized I've never really tried Fairy Kei. I always thought it was very cute and some of this pastel stuff had to work with that, so why the hell not try it? (some old, some newer clothes it was a mix)
The first day my makeup still looked mostly gyaru though XD

I washed and brushed out my pink/purple split wig a few days before so I had to put that to some use again.
I also tried some filters XD Don't know if I like it.
Then tried a couple looks with my purple wig...didn't get any good full outfit shots these days though XD.
I tried a lipgradient this day.
 But I didn't like it very much so I put some gloss over it XD
And finally with my blonde/pink wig.
I've also been using glitter liner under the wings of my eyes all week, but I feel it's too hard to see :(

I made some simple pastel rainbow nails for the theme this week :D I tried water marbeling again but that was a big fail, I think Kleancolor pretty much just sucks for water marbeling, it's too thick and just sinks to the bottom like a rock.
Oh, yeah and I got the Crisis on Infinite Earths trade! I was very excited about that because I lost all my comics when I moved, back when I was 18 (apparently they got left behind) and I'm finally trying to build it all back up again :) I used to go for the monthly issues but I can't afford to do all that again, so I'm just going for the trades right now XD.
Bringing' it home with a crappy webcam pic!
And so end my week long pastel fest. 
I can feel Morticia judging me XD
It's fun but I don't think I could bear being quite so bright on an everyday basis, especially in winter.
The End.