Friday, November 15, 2013

PinkXPurple Sujimori and Some Kuronbo-ish Makeup.

I've ventured into heavier gal makeup again, today.
 I haven't gone quite so heavy with my makeup since last year...I think my nose contouring has gotten cleaner though.
Last October.
I was going through my gal folder on my computer and stumbled across a couple of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite gal models ever and while I didn't want to replicate her look because I just don't think I could pull it off :( it did inspire me to try a heavier style again.
The ever gorgeous Romihi and her strong nose stripe game.
I also reeeally wanted to wear this wig that I dyed and styled a looong time ago. It obviously didn't hold it's height and shape from my initial styling but it was surprisingly easy to restore the volume and reconstruct the sujimori. The pieces would just not STAY neat though! D:
Some stripes fell :(
The wig was pink and I dyed parts of it purple but in long shots with a flash it looks like light pink and dark pink. I'll probably wash all this out today and see how much of the purple washes out.

Second picture blurred.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Back to bright.

Well this week I FINALLY was able to get back to wig styling and making nail sets! I brushed out a lot of the styling I'd done (but tried to keep the volume I created) on my light blonde wig and attached some of my pink extensions to it to make pink streaks.
I haven't been able to use my Canon camera for a while because my memory card got ruined and I kept trying to fix it it to no avail but then I found one of my reeeeally old cameras and remembered I had a memory card in it that still works! I still wish I could fix the old one though because it has a lot more GBs and it feels like 30 bucks down the drain because I didn't even have for very long -_-
This look kind of reminds me a lot of what gyaru looked like back in like 2009...except y'know, I'm not all nice and tan lol. The flash at this angle hit my face really hard though and made the rest of my body look tanner XD But as I said, I've been without this camera for a while now and this set of photos was kind of mostly to refamiliarize myself with the camera and all it's settings. 
Plus, I'd been quite sick early on last month and if you've ever tried to apply lenses and false lashes between hacking coughs you know it's just a no go, no matter how hard you try. So, I fell into a bit of a rut after that and looked pretty boring for a while. So it was nice to spring back into something more colorful. 
OOTD and details
Anywhoo, as you can probably see, this was a bright Barbie themed ame-kaji look. I kind of felt like shoes and jewelry made it a little too dressy for ame-kaji but I still liked it and think it falls under that sub-styles umbrella :D Probably odd to see me in shorts in November but it's still usually in the 70's during the day here, so it's all good.
Oh yeah, and I made some dangly Hello Kitty nails. :D