Monday, September 23, 2013

Random update + Big brows?

Well that awful humidity finally (mostly) passed so I can go back to gal makeup! I've been trying out the natural big brows I've been seeing all over (mostly onee gyaru focused) magazines recently....although not necessarily by choice.
A couple of weeks ago, I lost my tweezers and when I am without my tweezers my eyebrows grow like mad XD Sometimes I forget just how much of my eyebrow shape is natural vs. how much of it is plucked in. I was on verge of just threading my brows when I finally found my tweezers but the plucking I did was minimal compared to when I normally go to town on them. I just cleaned up the stray hairs and trimmed them a bit to see if the bigger brow did anything for me. Shame my bangs are always covering one of my brows in these pictures! >:|
 Slightly less maintenance. The humidity did pick up later this day so I'm worse for wear at this point XD
These brows remind me of the ones I had as a kid y'know thick, just a wee bit untamed and unarched. I guess that's the point though, to make you look more youthful?
Fuller brows in Jelly Magazine
I remember when I was a kid I used to have these big flat (yes, "flat" not a type-o for "fat" lol) eyebrows and I saw this weird beauty regimen on t.v for women who wanted higher brow arches and they'd put their fingers under their brows (your middle finger goes where you want your arch to be), then furrow their brows and that was supposed to give them higher brow arches. I started doing that and I can't say for sure if it worked but my arches are much higher than they once were...of course plucking helped too.
Before I went back to gal makeup I payed tribute to possibly the most renowned goddess of the big brows and popped on my short dark brown wig to have a small homage to the lovely Audrey Hepburn.The bangs aren't coiffed, like they should be, but I don't have the appropriate wig for this XD


  1. I really don't like the thick brow look on everyone. You pull it off well!! On some girls it looks masculine though which is why I haven't even attempted to trying it. (Males tend to have lower, thicker, no arches in their brows.)

    1. I agree, they can be a little masculine, but I find that as long as you use restraint when deciding how big you're gonna make them they look nice.

  2. I think it suits you really well. Big brows definitely make you look younger. I think that is because children have this kind of thick brows and it reminds us of them.
    I perdonally prefer my eyebrows thin though xD I usually have really fat brows and I'm so glad I could pluck then to my current shape xD

    1. Thanks :D I had pretty big brows as a kid and used to slightly over pluck them as soon as I got tweezers...which was just as bad because having super thin brows with a face as round and wide as mine was just as bad as having bushy brows XD.