Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Couple Of Boring Looks

Lately, because of the heat and general weather recently, I've been trying out non-gyaru looks. So just for fun, this weekend I took some black hair with green eyes vs. black hair with blue eyes photos.
I've always quite liked the contrast of black hair set against pale skin and vivid eyes, be they green or blue, something about that combo is very striking to me. It's a very different look from my gyaru makeup but with the the air being so humid and it raining so often wearing anything more than powder, mascara, brow powder and lip stain seems like a waste since it all melts off in the heat XD
From serious to smiling XD
I had to use my old camera to take these since I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong with the memory card for my Canon and my cards for my Olympus are not compatible with my Canon. :(
Since I got a new pair of EOS Adult blue lenses and also have G&G GBT green lenses I wanted to see which ones I'd like better with black hair. I straightened the black wig since the curls are becoming a bit cumbersome, as of late. I'm sure you can tell by the pictures. I did want them a little messy but not as messy as they got!
Straightened again.
 This is also a very natural and boring look but I just don't think these particular lenses, as vivid and pretty as they are, work very well with gyaru makeup anyway (I know, I've tried with the green lenses).
I think it's because they look a little too natural on account of the smaller diameter (just not dolly enough) but I still love these lenses and want to use them!
I think I like the green a little better but I may be a little bias since my real eye color is mostly green anyway and I only wanted these lenses to even out the color and make them more vibrant XD


  1. aww, i don't think you should call these looks "boring" though! You look great either way!

    1. Thank you :D They are mostly boring when compared to gyaru makeup XD