Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Undereye Blush

I tried the blush under the eyes look today, feeling a bit inspired by Ayumi Seto. Not gyaru at all but sometimes it's nice to branch off and try other things.
 I actually do see blush under the eyes of many mode gals, but that's beside the point.
Isn't she adorable?
 I used NYX Cream Blush in Red Cheeks and NYX Powder Blush in Pinky.
(A little too) Close up.
 It felt so weird not contouring my face at all! Then I had all this extra time because I'm not used to doing makeup this simple haha.
I wore my new wig. It's blonde on top, light pink on the bottom. This one was harder than usual to try and de-shine because I wanted to keep it straight and most for the shine that does come off my wigs, does so in the restyling process. I might curl it in the future...haven't decided yet.
My outfit was comic themed, since I wanted to wear my tights that I got from Bodyline a looong time ago. I always loved the print.
It's getting too hot for tights now but with a short sleeved top it wasn't too bad.
Top: The Classic
Skirt: Glad News
Tights: Bodyline
Shoes: Glaze
Necklace: Betsey Johnson
Earcuff, Spike cuff: Ebay