Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hair horns.

Say "Hello." to my hair horns!
I saw a tutorial here for how to make hair horns on a wig and wanted to try it so bad because it reminded me of a smaller "kawaii version" of Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy hair cones XD. 
Batman and Robin was a terrible movie, I know, but I always thought she was the best thing about it and I thought her costumes and hair were soooo pretty when I was a kid haha but I digress. I tried out the horns on my wig and this is the result.
Some of these look blurry or grainy. I've been trying a lot of new and different settings on my camera and trying some coloring edits, with varied success :/.
The tutorial I linked is honestly the best/easiest one for this style, that I've seen, but even with that I had to adjust the hair a little differently and tease the hair a little bit. They didn't come out perfect but it was my first try.
Now I'm just being dumb lol.
Y'know who else this style reminds me of?
I'm amazed I didn't try hair horns back in the 90's lol.
MOTD shot.
These low shots look weird but they show the lashes so well! XD

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Sweet Spring: Modcloth gets and the outfits they create.

I recently purchased a few things from Modcloth (not too recently but still, I haven't updated in awhile), a store which specializes in vintage style clothing. I bought a dress, a top and a necklace.
I got this dress called the Sage Latte Dress. Kind of vaguely reminded me of Ank Rouge.
 I've been into lacey dressy pieces lately on account of the heat.
I finally got around to styling one of the wigs I mentioned in a previous post. I re-curled it, powdered it and teased it up a bit. I think it looks much better because the fiber was that hideous plasticy crap and the only way to get rid of that kind of shine was to use heat on it. 

The color is also more of a strawberry color and in the photo it looked tan colored. I remember I was the most disappointed with this wig out of the last three I bought so I did the best I could with what I had.
Dress: City Triangles (From Modcloth)
Shoes, Socks: Ebay 
Headband, Necklace, Ring: Forever21

I also got this top called the Harp Performance Top. It's actually a peplum top but I tucked it in  because the peplum really only looks good with skinny jeans and pencil/bodycon skirts. I tried to curl my hair but the heat and wind are like "nope" so just some slight waves...messy waves D: Jeez, I wish my hair ended up better XD
Top: Monteau (From Modcloth)
Skirt: K Too (From Go Jane)
Necklace, cuff, shoes: Forever21
Bunny Ring: Betsey Johnson
Bracelet: Off brand (aka I don't know)
The collar is my favorite part (the pearls underneath are my necklace).
This looked like it'd go with a more sophisticated outfit so I tried for a more onee gyaru look. So I took a queue from magazines like Happie Nuts, Vivi and Blenda and tried a lighter makeup that I'd call more or less "border-line gyaru makeup" or "barely gyaru makeup" lol.
Close up 0__0
Sometimes close ups make my nose look way bigger than it actually is XD I think it's the settings more than the angle. now that I've read some of these digital photography books I got from college. I really like bigger noses though so it's not a very big deal to me.

At the end of the week, I kind of recreated my birthday outfit since I didn't take an outfit picture that day, except I wore my extensions and waved my hair.
The outfit included the rose cameo necklace I bought in the same Modcloth purchase so I thought I'd let it in on this post.

Overall it's just been a very sweet themed week for me.
Dress, headband, ring : Forever21
Shoes: Ebay
Necklace: Modcloth

Oh yeah, and my Funko Pop Robin and Batgirl figures came, to go with my Batman. I used the gift card I got for my birthday to buy them. Now I've got a little Batfam going on. Still need the villains from this series XD
I've also started a diet and squat challenge early this month. So far, I've lost about 7 pounds but I don't think it really shows...must've all been back fat or something. That's it for updates.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Birthday Post.

Yesterday was my birthday. I actually felt really sick when I woke up but when that happens I take a bath and try to fall asleep right when I get out and IF I can fall asleep I usually feel much better when I wake up. I didn't fall asleep but I felt much better after a couple of hours anyway. The first gift I received in the morning was a drawing from my brother of me with a smiling balloon.
Did I mention my brother is 17? lol He was actually poking fun at the drawings my niece always makes for me but she says it looks nothing like me because in reality  my torso does, in fact, meet the lower half of my body. He also gave me rose though...I've been getting a lot of flowers this week. I love using my toy camera effect on them.
After I felt better I decided to get ready. I wore my cream colored lace dress and my flower headband, I felt very spring-like. Didn't get an outfit pic >_<
My makeup was lighter because I didn't use lower lashes. I'm out of clear lash glue and I don't like using my black glue on lower lashes because it looks like crap unless I'm doing heavy/dark eye makeup. My real lashes, with mascara, are longer than some of my false lower lashes anyway.

Can you guess how old I am? haha We forgot to get candles so I had to use the candles from my sister's 24th birthday, she almost 4 years older than me so they're old and beat up.
My mom apparently still thinks this whole giving me bunnies stuff is funny -_- But she also gave me a $25 Mastercard so that made up for it.
My little brother gave me a Gold Rush movie poster. I love it! It looks perfect opposite of my The Man Who Laughs poster. There's been a blank space on the wall there that has been bothering me for a long time and it was to fill it up.
My youngest brother (the same one who gave me the drawing and rose) gave me a copy of The Elephant Man because he knows how it makes me cry like no other movie can. He also gave me two framed Elephant Man photo cards, one of which is signed by John Hurt.
My mom gave me this card she bought while she was in Seattle, years ago.
"Chris" is the name of the artist who made the card.
I did  start a meal plan 3 days ago but it was my birthday so I was like "I'm gonna eat whatever I want today!" XD I'll get back to eating better today though.