Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Last Dark Outfits of Spring.

Well, I am dreading Spring and Summer this year based on heat alone XD These are just a couple of looks from this week on days where it stayed below 80 degrees (and I obviously had TIME to take photos lol).

The first one was very casual and based on pieces from Glad News and Ghost of Harlem. (none of it is brand though) so this post can also serve to show that if you know what you like and know what you're looking for, brand isn't always necessary, unless you're looking for a very specific design/pattern and nothing else will do, no matter how similar...or if you're just really into brand logos and mascots. I'm not advocating for counterfeit items by any means but I don't mind going for similar pieces...or making your own!
Example: Selected pieces from Glad News and Ghost of Harlem catalogs and shop staff that I like (above) and the outfit I put together based on these pieces (below).
Top: Stella (from Sweetdevil shop)
Hat: Ross (DIY studding)
Pants, Belt, Shoes, Cuff, Necklace: Forever21
Spike cuff: Ebay
Blurry but at least you can see my necklace XD
The next outfit was a little more agejo and based on mostly Ma*rs items. I mainly did this look because I styled my light blonde wig and thought it might look nice with agejo since it was a little more...princessy. This was a LOT more difficult as I have few pieces I think work with agejo but I styled this wig dammit and I wanted to try!
Top: Growing Rich (also from Sweetdevil shop)
Skirt, tights, necklace, ring: Forever21
Boots, furry leggings: Ebay
Normally agejo isn't really my thing (as if you couldn't tell). It was a little harder to find Ma*rs pieces I liked that looked anything like the clothes I own XD I switched black furry leggings for white ones to add some more white to the outfit AS black ones would make it a little too uniform in color for my liking. It probably would've looked better with a pretty Ma*rs style belt...but I don't have one XD

It's hard to see the stripes in hair this light but I guess that's normal. I wanted to color the roots a bit to add dimension but I'm out of brown acrylic ink and was also afraid it might make it look too rooted. The only two pictures I could find of really blonde sujimori both have a similar look so I guess I didn't do too bad. The thing that bothers me most is the bangs. The wig didn't originally have bangs so I cut some in and while I liked how I managed to flip them outward, they kind of prop themselves up at the roots now and cast a shadow on the hairline XD


  1. Wow, I like how much thought you put into your outfits. ♥ Especially since I usually justt throw something on these days ~
    I like your style a lot ♥

    1. Thank you <3
      It seems like more work than it actually is when it's laid out like this, it's something I mostly take note of when I'm buying stuff like "Hey this looks like that top I liked in that ad."

  2. super cute, my favorite is the 1 coord...but you're so beauty in both^w^

    1. Thank you.
      Yeah, I like the first one much better too but I thought I'd give agejo a shot.

  3. Lovely pics. Your hair, makeup and outfit looks nice. Your floral ring is pretty as well!

    1. Thank you! That's been one of my favorite rings lately.

  4. You look so amazing! I adore what you've done to your hair (wig) :D I see your pictures on tumblr all of the time and only just found your blog, aha :P

    I've tagged you in my latest post :3 You now have a Versatile Blogger award!