Monday, April 29, 2013

Keepin' it Casual and a bit of blah.

I cut up my Dead Milkmen top.
It's pretty plain but I'm just lacking any new ideas of what to do with the shirts I wanna cut up these days. I was thinking of fringing up the sleeves but the shirt, in it's original form, was just too big to make a ago of it without having to re-sew the pits and shoulder area so the sleeves wouldn't fall down and I lost my white thread. I like it this way too though, it's simple and casual.
Top: DIY Band Tee
Hat: No Brand (DIY studding)
Undershirt, boots, belt: Forever21
Skirt: Glad News
Tights, Earrings: Ebay
Necklace: Hottopic
Ring: Betsey Johnson
First time trying my EOS Candy Brown lenses too.
 I was really  eager to see what these would look like on my eyes. My eyes are like "the color of dead leaves" (as I called it), around the pupil (so like an olivey green/brown). Then fan out into yellowy green and have a very dark blueish rim. So I wanted to see if the lenses were capable of blocking out the darker parts and fade into the yellowy/green to give me more of a hazel brown effect.
I found myself missing the bottom half pink hair I had last spring and clipped in some pink extensions to mimic what once was XD.
 I caught the full pink moon last week and got a decent picture of it, using my old olympus (and by that I mean not a bright blur lol). My Olypus isn't as good as my Canon but it has a much better zoom capability than my Canon's 18-55 lens that it came with and is the only one I have so far.
Since the pink moon is not actually pink I also did an edit of the moon to make it look pink.
I remember when I saw my first blue moon.... I was so disappointed it wasn't really blue XD 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Much easier than going through all that bleach and dye XD

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :D The Dead Milkmen's logo is funny.

  3. ♥ aw you look really cute with those extensions! ;D and haha the pink moon is nice!

    1. Thank you I haven't worn them in a while. These color named moons feel like false advertising XD so I had to edit it.

  4. Your natural eyes sound so beautiful with that description. The dark limbal ring is such a contrast in your eyes. It looks so cool.


    1. It sounds better than it is. I wish they were vibrant and all one color but the grass is always greener, right? lol Thanks, the limbal ring is my favorite part of the EOS candy series.

  5. ^ I agree. And your outfits are always amazing~!

  6. I like those lenses on you, they look very pretty!

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award as well ^__^