Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Fairwell Pullover Week.

Well those few days of 70 something degree weather are almost gone until October, so I've been wearing some of my pullovers for probably the last time until fall since a lot of storms are moving in and it'll be cold for a little while longer. I'll most likely transition into amekaji or sweeter looks for Spring and Summer because the Arizona heat in dark clothes is just unbearable. No more wigs for awhile too.
Last Thursday, I wore my Minnie Mouse pullover.
It's kind of amekaji with some touches of rokku in the accessories I guess....more casual than anything else.
Sorry for the super doofy face XD
Top, Hair Bows, Shoes(DIY studding): Forever21
Skirt: L.E.I 
Tights W♥C
Spiked Collar, Skull Ring: Ebay
Earrings: Etsy
Bracelet: Rachel Roy
My makeup's been pissing me off lately. My face has been reacting to all my foundations and bb creams as if I had dry skin and I don't! Once it's on for about an hour or so, it patches and flakes up for some reason >:| I also lost my favorite eyeliner so I've been using a gel liner on my water works alright but I want my eye pencil back!

Today (my brother's birthday), I wore my beloved Bart Simpson pullover with my new Bart Simpson leggings from Rowme.
Derp 'til I die lol
I wore shorts over them because I refuse to wear leggings in lieu of pants. These leggings are absurdly difficult to match though and are baggy around the ankles I just wanted them because....y'know, Bart XD I didn't really have time for a proper outfit shot today so this is it, just to show the leggings.
I feel under-accessorised.
Top, Shorts,Shoes: Forever21
Leggings: Rowme
Ring: Ebay
I tried my Vassen Bambi Queen Violet lenses for the first time! These are the first violet lenses I've had since my Nudy Violets about 4 years ago. I like them and think they're a pretty color but I feel like they give my eyes a bit a wandering quality lol but I think it might be because one of my lower lashes flipped up a little bit and I just didn't notice. I'll try them with different makeup on some other time.
Comfort: 9/10 (get a little dry after a while)
Design: 9/10 (could blend a little better into natural eye color, better for dark eyes)
Enlargement: 10/10
Color: 10/10
Overall: 10/10


  1. honey you look in the firt pic is amazing, i really like the coord**!!

    I can undestand you for the hot wheater U_U, but you alwais beautiful whit wig or not :)

    1. Thanks. <3

      The weather is just really hindering for my hair though because it's so windy here too and when I try to style it up, it just ends up being a completely wasted effort D: At least with wigs the style stays put better but it's gonna be way too hot for that.

  2. Oooh love your lenses. I'm sure the Arizona heat will make a lot of things difficult.


    1. Thank you. I love them too!

      True, Arizona heat makes walking down the street difficult lol.

  3. You look so gorgeous! I absolutely love your outfits as well as the way you wear your hair. I'm so jelly. ;A;

    1. Thank you! I'm especially glad to hear about the hair since I'll be needing to style it without wigs, half wigs and clip in pieces for awhile.

  4. love the first outfit so much. the pullover is really cute:3

    1. Thanks. It's one of my favorites :D

  5. Your gorgeous and your makeup is always perfect! :)

    1. Thank you <3 I still mess up my makeup sometimes though XD

  6. I fell in love with the first Outfit! <3

    1. Thanks, it seems to be an ongoing theme that when I do double outfit posts the first outfit is always much better than the second lol.