Friday, February 22, 2013

New camera and my Anastasia trinket/music box.

Hello again! I finally got a new camera!...Well it's a two year old model but it's still pretty damn good! I got a Canon EOS Rebel T3i!

I've wanted a new camera for so long and I was gonna get one late last year but then my laptop broke and I had to replace it. My Olympus is fine and takes nice pictures but it's video capabilities are very limited. This one takes really great video and I hope to use it to update my youtube channel, which I have been neglecting for months.
I took a few test shots of just of my makeup and outfit today. Also have on my new wig, mentioned in the last post. I have no idea why my lipstick looks so dark here though XD
Top: DIY
Skirt: Glad News
Shoes: Forever21
Headband, Choker: Ebay
I was a little lost at first because the settings and button placements are very different than my old one. Since it is designed for novices, like my self, it was pretty easy get the hang of. It has some cool built in filters that you can adjust the strength on too that I've been messing with.
Toy Camera and Black and White
Funny inadvertent pic haha.
I also took some pictures of another recent purchase, my Anastasia music box that I got this week. I can't even tell you how long I've wanted this for XD Since I saw the movie when I was a kid I've wanted one like it and I love the song "Once Upon a December", which is the song it plays. Plus, I've always loved music boxes, mini carousels and ornate things like that so I'm glad I bought it. It's so beautiful and perfect for keeping my stud earrings in too XD
The San Fransisco Music Box Company makes these and they first came out in 1997 and at some point had ones that had a lighter green paint on them that looked more like the one in the movie but those ones also had an opening under Nicholas and Alexandra and couldn't really be used as a trinket box. The ones they have now are a much darker shade of green and that spot's been closed up so you can keep small items in there. The only pictures I could find of the old version are from very old cached auctions.
The old version
The hole that keeps it from being a trinket box
It's not exactly like the one in the movie, of course.
The one in the movie
With this one you just wind it at the bottom (no necklace/key and thus there isn't that space on the front to insert the necklace pendant) although they do sell the necklace too but it can't be used with this. Nicholas and Alexandra pop up in a standard music box fashion (they don't rise up and dance on a flat surface like in the movie). It's also a little bigger than the one in the movie looks and then just really nitpicky things like Nicholas' hair is darker and Alexandra's dress is lighter than in the movie XD but it IS just movie (albeit very loosely based on true events) and an animated one at that so of course it's not an exact replica. Still very cool though.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Gold lenses, Green lenses, new wigs and orange lipstick..

I got two new pairs of circle lenses late last week.
Since I'm prone to sticking to my comfort zone and re-buying lenses I already know I like, I wanted to try something new. I bought Seeshell Cosmo Seeshell Sunny Gold lenses and G&G GBT Green lenses.
I was pretty sure I'd like the Sunny Gold ones because they remind of my beloved Geo Nudy series, which I have bought several colors of and liked every one. But these are 15mm and I've come to realize that 15mm lenses with this print always sit weird on my eyes (like my geo nudy golden blues, also 15mm diameter) 14mm definitely looks much better with this kind of print on my eyes.
I think the color is pretty though and when there's not so much light in my eyes my pupils can reach the edge of the inner print and it looks fine.Plus,you can only tell when the light hits them at the right angle, but they do have a bit of a metallic sheen to them that makes them look like they sparkle. They are very comfortable too.
Comfort: 9/10
Design: 10/10
Enlargement: 10/10
Color: 9/10
Overall: 10/10

The GBT Greens did initially have me worried though. Since my real eye color is green, I was afraid they wouldn't read as circle lenses on me at all(I'm not exactly going for the natural look here!) plus they are 14mm and have very natural print. I've read complaints in the reviews that they weren't as vibrant as the pictures on the site make them look on dark eyes but since my eyes are not dark I figured I wouldn't have that problem so I decided to roll the dice and go for these ones.
Just as I thought, they really don't look like circle lenses on me and the color is just a more vibrant version of my natural color XD I guess these are nice if I want to amp up my natural color, they kind of remind me of when I got a pair from the EOS adult series, I bought the (original) blue and the color was SO pretty...but they just didn't look like circle lenses on me because of the print and smaller diameter. These still look nice with lighter gyaru makeup though and I wore my black wig because I thought it would be a good contrast to the eyes and make them stand out a little more. They are pretty comfortable up until about 4 when they dry out a little bit but nothing too bad.
Comfort: 10/10
Design: 8/10
Enlargement: 5/10
Color: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

I got three new wigs as well, recently. It's been a while since I bought any wigs so I got these three from ebay. I'll have more on them as I style them later on but I am really surprised and impressed with the middle wig so other than a little de-shining I don't think I want to style that one, like I do the others.
I also finally made some new nails. 
I haven't been making any lately for a couple of reasons. One: because I ran out of nails and Two: because with the last set I had on, one broke off after I only had them on for like two days (I banged my hand really hard on a table) and I couldn't find it and since I ran out of nails I couldn't make a replacement. So I had to remove the whole set. Whenever I remove a set prematurely I get a ton of hangnails though so I wanted to wait for those to heal while I also waited for my new nails to come in. I was looking at how much more interesting my nails used to be and I'd like to get back to doing more complex sets but I've been awfully uninspired in the nail department lately :(
Since my last post I've been trying out my new Milani Mandarina lipstick. I really love orange lips. I don't see it very much in gal, but of the few times I have I really liked it!
Shizuka Takeda, Blenda models and Rui Kotobuki.

Friday, February 1, 2013

GoJane order and samples from my mother .

Hello again! Today I did a darker variant on my usual eye makeup and threw some free samples I got from my mom into the mix. It's not as clean as I'd like but I was working in a little mirror today XD I didn't get around to taking pictures until night time and with this lighting you can't really see the glitter on my inner corners >:|

My mom is signed up with Birchbox so she gets free beauty samples every month and passes along, to both me and my sister, the products she's not particularly interested in but thinks we might like.

This time she gave me some Benefit cleansers,  My Prime Mattifying Moisturizer and Stila all over shimmer liquid luminizer.

So when I woke up I used the cleanser, then used the moisturizer for a base and then used the luminizer in final steps of makeup. I really like them all but I think the Stila luminizer would look much better on someone with darker skin since it's a pretty rose gold color. I used my EOS Candy Grey lenses today too. I have complained in the past about how difficult they are to put in but they're much easier nowadays :D

Anyway, I wore my hi-low skirt and studded belt for the first time.

 I got these a while ago but I later ordered my jacket and want to wait for it to come in.

I saw these late last year in Egg and Scawaii magazine and really wanted to own one! I think they add a nice feminine touch to rock looks (which I usually wear pants with).