Thursday, January 3, 2013

Merry Christmas to all and happy new year!

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season. I had my usual quiet Christmas with the immediate family. We actually couldn't find our big Christmas tree this year XD we never get real trees because it just seems like a wasteful hassle. So we're stuck with the little one from two years ago.
Again with the traditional Christmas eve chili dogs I almost didn't get my veggie dogs and chili in time XD
My presents this year are a shining light on my maturity. My mom bought me a 2012 Furby. She thought it'd be a nice little throwback to my first Furby I had when I was 9.
He was falling asleep here.
This year's presents really surprised me because I actually bothered to make a wish list like everyone had been telling me to this year so everyone would know what I wanted....but then everyone, except my sister, ignored it anyway XD She got me a little Batman figurine that was on my was actually the Batman from The Dark Knight series of figurines that was on my wishlist but I still like this one from series 1 too, now I just have to collect the rest of series 1.
My brother bought me The Room on DVD lol this is a joke gift.
He also got me season 4 of Home Movies, one of my favorite T.V shows so this makes up for the cruel joke.
This season came with a soundtrack!
And finally I got this Japanese doll.
I tried to do a Christmas/winter themed look...I don't really care for the result. My bangs in that weird phase where I can't decide if I want to cut them again or let them grow.
So I pinned them looked weird.
I have on winter themed nails, my Christmas nails aren't as elaborate as they have been in previous years but I just wasn't up for it. 

I still feel weird saying it's 2013 but I'm kind of glad 2012 is over, it's been rough year.


  1. aw your look is so cute! Loving your nails too <3

  2. I really like your winter look! it's simple and sophisticated but still very cute. And you got some nice gifts too!

    1. Thanks,that's kind of what I was going for but I think it ended up looking a little too dolly XD

  3. Wow, you look great!
    Your presents are great too and well, how do you make your veggie dogs? They look tasty~~

    1. Thank you! I don't know how to make them :( I always buy them for Christmas eve but I almost forgot to this year.