Saturday, January 26, 2013

A few new things and re-dyed hair.

I dyed my hair a darker shade of blonde...err light brown I guess back in November because I wanted it in the dark blonde/light brown range that I had dyed my extensions the week before. But since my real hair was bleached so light it faded quickly to the shade of blonde seen in my most recent posts (where I'm not wearing a wig that is). It wasn't long before it stopped matching all my extensions so I finally got around to putting it back the way it was.
I tried that eyeliner thing where you only line under the iris'. I've only done this once before....I still can't decide if I like it or not though.

My outfit for the day. The flash didn't go off so it's pretty blurred XD But you get the idea. I didn't realize it at first but I think this whole outfit besides the hat is all Forever 21.

Later in the week I tried my extensions. My bangs are effed because of the humidity XD
I got a perfume I've been wanting for a while, this week too. Juliette has a Gun Vengance Extreme. I've wanted this since my mom gave me a sample vial of it late last year and it smells SOOO amazing (in my opinion, of course). I've been interested in getting some other scents by Juliette has a Gun for a long while too (mainly Citizen Queen, Midnight Oud and Calamity J.) but they're way too expensive to buy all at once XD I think Citizen Queen is next on my list though. I'm very happy I go this. I haven't gotten a new perfume since Gucci Flora last spring. 

I got a few things from Forever21. All on sale so it all cost me $50 XD

I also got my Masters of Cinema The Complete Buster Keaton Shorts Films yesterday. 
I was considering getting the Kino Ultimate Collection of his short films but after I read the reviews on Amazon this really seemed like the better choice even though it was coming all the way from the UK, it cost a bit more and they're PAL region discs. From what I've read in the reviews though, these prints are of much higher quality and in more complete condition whereas the Kino version has a bunch of cut scenes and the prints they used aren't restored as well as these have been. Also the MOC version includes the 14 shorts he did with Fatty Arbuckle so that's awesome! This one really is more like the "Ultimate Collection" of his short films.
It also came with a book! I can't wait to get through it.
A very good week....purchase-wise that is XD

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shizuka Takeda inspired makeup today.

Today's makeup was modeled after Shizuka Takeda of Happie Nuts magazine. 
Tried to fix the bright flash on this one. Didn't really work.
I've really liked her makeup for a while now, so I thought I'd give it a go.
Beautiful Shizuka, being beautiful.
I like that I don't have to put as much work into rounding my eyes as I normally do with this makeup. You may have noticed in the start of my videos when I am makeup-less, my eyes are not nearly as big and round as they appear with all the magic of lashes, lenses, highly placed eye shadow and strategically placed eye liner. Yes yes, shocking I know.
I can't see making this my everyday makeup but it was nice to try for a day. This has been my lame default hair when I'm not wearing a wig or extensions. I'm gonna be dying and cutting my hair this week though so it'll be (hopefully) less boring soon.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Union Jack Attack.

Hello again! Today I had a very Union Jack themed outfit. I'm also finally wearing some cat ears.
Today was not a great day finally happen. I dropped my camera XD Now there's this weird spot in all my pictures that has a blur over it. I hope it's fixable.

Anyway here's today's outfit. The front of my shirt is very boring but it's all tattered in the back. It's supposed to be Union Jack print but it's kind of hard to tell from the picture.

Top: Mono B
Shorts/shoes: Forever21
Leggings: Glad News
Necklace/Bag: Cocolulu
Bracelet: Ebay
Earrings: A gift so IDK
Belt: I don't remember.

I've been wearing some of my wigs while I figure out what I wanna do with my hair. Since it's getting colder and colder it keeps my head nice and warm.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Merry Christmas to all and happy new year!

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season. I had my usual quiet Christmas with the immediate family. We actually couldn't find our big Christmas tree this year XD we never get real trees because it just seems like a wasteful hassle. So we're stuck with the little one from two years ago.
Again with the traditional Christmas eve chili dogs I almost didn't get my veggie dogs and chili in time XD
My presents this year are a shining light on my maturity. My mom bought me a 2012 Furby. She thought it'd be a nice little throwback to my first Furby I had when I was 9.
He was falling asleep here.
This year's presents really surprised me because I actually bothered to make a wish list like everyone had been telling me to this year so everyone would know what I wanted....but then everyone, except my sister, ignored it anyway XD She got me a little Batman figurine that was on my was actually the Batman from The Dark Knight series of figurines that was on my wishlist but I still like this one from series 1 too, now I just have to collect the rest of series 1.
My brother bought me The Room on DVD lol this is a joke gift.
He also got me season 4 of Home Movies, one of my favorite T.V shows so this makes up for the cruel joke.
This season came with a soundtrack!
And finally I got this Japanese doll.
I tried to do a Christmas/winter themed look...I don't really care for the result. My bangs in that weird phase where I can't decide if I want to cut them again or let them grow.
So I pinned them looked weird.
I have on winter themed nails, my Christmas nails aren't as elaborate as they have been in previous years but I just wasn't up for it. 

I still feel weird saying it's 2013 but I'm kind of glad 2012 is over, it's been rough year.