Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had/ is having a good holiday season! 
I spent most of my week baking XD Cookies and muffins, mostly.
I also helped set up the Christmas tree this season, I normally don't anymore. Me and my sister always used to but I just haven't for some reason in years. It's just a little tree though so it wasn't much work. We lost the star and my brother made one out of paper!
My Christmas eve look was kinda boring. My mom likes me to tone it down for the holidays.
No bottom lashes :( and I always rock a red lip for Christmas. I wondered why my face looked so broad here but then I remembered I had forgotten to contour.
Human peppermint lol.
For Christmas I got the Nightwing and Joker Funk Pop figures :D
The family grows.
The Man Who Laughs one-shot comic. Being that Conrad Veidt as Gwynplaine was the inspiration for The Joker's original design and the film is the namesake for the comic title I thought it'd be neat to see them side-by-side XD.
And some movies.
My later holiday makeup was a bit more dramatic.
Green lenses, red lips, gold shadow and silver glitter made sense as a holiday look in my mind.
That's about it for my holidays. Pretty standard, but pretty good. I enjoyed dinner and time with my family and I hope the new year will bring many new and good things for everyone!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Week of Some Fairy Kei.

I was into some serious fairy kei business this week lol. I was going through some older clothes when it dawned on me..."Man, I wore a lot of pastels back then." Then, I also realized I've never really tried Fairy Kei. I always thought it was very cute and some of this pastel stuff had to work with that, so why the hell not try it? (some old, some newer clothes it was a mix)
The first day my makeup still looked mostly gyaru though XD

I washed and brushed out my pink/purple split wig a few days before so I had to put that to some use again.
I also tried some filters XD Don't know if I like it.
Then tried a couple looks with my purple wig...didn't get any good full outfit shots these days though XD.
I tried a lipgradient this day.
 But I didn't like it very much so I put some gloss over it XD
And finally with my blonde/pink wig.
I've also been using glitter liner under the wings of my eyes all week, but I feel it's too hard to see :(

I made some simple pastel rainbow nails for the theme this week :D I tried water marbeling again but that was a big fail, I think Kleancolor pretty much just sucks for water marbeling, it's too thick and just sinks to the bottom like a rock.
Oh, yeah and I got the Crisis on Infinite Earths trade! I was very excited about that because I lost all my comics when I moved, back when I was 18 (apparently they got left behind) and I'm finally trying to build it all back up again :) I used to go for the monthly issues but I can't afford to do all that again, so I'm just going for the trades right now XD.
Bringing' it home with a crappy webcam pic!
And so end my week long pastel fest. 
I can feel Morticia judging me XD
It's fun but I don't think I could bear being quite so bright on an everyday basis, especially in winter.
The End.

Friday, November 15, 2013

PinkXPurple Sujimori and Some Kuronbo-ish Makeup.

I've ventured into heavier gal makeup again, today.
 I haven't gone quite so heavy with my makeup since last year...I think my nose contouring has gotten cleaner though.
Last October.
I was going through my gal folder on my computer and stumbled across a couple of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite gal models ever and while I didn't want to replicate her look because I just don't think I could pull it off :( it did inspire me to try a heavier style again.
The ever gorgeous Romihi and her strong nose stripe game.
I also reeeally wanted to wear this wig that I dyed and styled a looong time ago. It obviously didn't hold it's height and shape from my initial styling but it was surprisingly easy to restore the volume and reconstruct the sujimori. The pieces would just not STAY neat though! D:
Some stripes fell :(
The wig was pink and I dyed parts of it purple but in long shots with a flash it looks like light pink and dark pink. I'll probably wash all this out today and see how much of the purple washes out.

Second picture blurred.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Back to bright.

Well this week I FINALLY was able to get back to wig styling and making nail sets! I brushed out a lot of the styling I'd done (but tried to keep the volume I created) on my light blonde wig and attached some of my pink extensions to it to make pink streaks.
I haven't been able to use my Canon camera for a while because my memory card got ruined and I kept trying to fix it it to no avail but then I found one of my reeeeally old cameras and remembered I had a memory card in it that still works! I still wish I could fix the old one though because it has a lot more GBs and it feels like 30 bucks down the drain because I didn't even have for very long -_-
This look kind of reminds me a lot of what gyaru looked like back in like 2009...except y'know, I'm not all nice and tan lol. The flash at this angle hit my face really hard though and made the rest of my body look tanner XD But as I said, I've been without this camera for a while now and this set of photos was kind of mostly to refamiliarize myself with the camera and all it's settings. 
Plus, I'd been quite sick early on last month and if you've ever tried to apply lenses and false lashes between hacking coughs you know it's just a no go, no matter how hard you try. So, I fell into a bit of a rut after that and looked pretty boring for a while. So it was nice to spring back into something more colorful. 
OOTD and details
Anywhoo, as you can probably see, this was a bright Barbie themed ame-kaji look. I kind of felt like shoes and jewelry made it a little too dressy for ame-kaji but I still liked it and think it falls under that sub-styles umbrella :D Probably odd to see me in shorts in November but it's still usually in the 70's during the day here, so it's all good.
Oh yeah, and I made some dangly Hello Kitty nails. :D

Monday, September 23, 2013

Random update + Big brows?

Well that awful humidity finally (mostly) passed so I can go back to gal makeup! I've been trying out the natural big brows I've been seeing all over (mostly onee gyaru focused) magazines recently....although not necessarily by choice.
A couple of weeks ago, I lost my tweezers and when I am without my tweezers my eyebrows grow like mad XD Sometimes I forget just how much of my eyebrow shape is natural vs. how much of it is plucked in. I was on verge of just threading my brows when I finally found my tweezers but the plucking I did was minimal compared to when I normally go to town on them. I just cleaned up the stray hairs and trimmed them a bit to see if the bigger brow did anything for me. Shame my bangs are always covering one of my brows in these pictures! >:|
 Slightly less maintenance. The humidity did pick up later this day so I'm worse for wear at this point XD
These brows remind me of the ones I had as a kid y'know thick, just a wee bit untamed and unarched. I guess that's the point though, to make you look more youthful?
Fuller brows in Jelly Magazine
I remember when I was a kid I used to have these big flat (yes, "flat" not a type-o for "fat" lol) eyebrows and I saw this weird beauty regimen on t.v for women who wanted higher brow arches and they'd put their fingers under their brows (your middle finger goes where you want your arch to be), then furrow their brows and that was supposed to give them higher brow arches. I started doing that and I can't say for sure if it worked but my arches are much higher than they once were...of course plucking helped too.
Before I went back to gal makeup I payed tribute to possibly the most renowned goddess of the big brows and popped on my short dark brown wig to have a small homage to the lovely Audrey Hepburn.The bangs aren't coiffed, like they should be, but I don't have the appropriate wig for this XD

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Couple Of Boring Looks

Lately, because of the heat and general weather recently, I've been trying out non-gyaru looks. So just for fun, this weekend I took some black hair with green eyes vs. black hair with blue eyes photos.
I've always quite liked the contrast of black hair set against pale skin and vivid eyes, be they green or blue, something about that combo is very striking to me. It's a very different look from my gyaru makeup but with the the air being so humid and it raining so often wearing anything more than powder, mascara, brow powder and lip stain seems like a waste since it all melts off in the heat XD
From serious to smiling XD
I had to use my old camera to take these since I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong with the memory card for my Canon and my cards for my Olympus are not compatible with my Canon. :(
Since I got a new pair of EOS Adult blue lenses and also have G&G GBT green lenses I wanted to see which ones I'd like better with black hair. I straightened the black wig since the curls are becoming a bit cumbersome, as of late. I'm sure you can tell by the pictures. I did want them a little messy but not as messy as they got!
Straightened again.
 This is also a very natural and boring look but I just don't think these particular lenses, as vivid and pretty as they are, work very well with gyaru makeup anyway (I know, I've tried with the green lenses).
I think it's because they look a little too natural on account of the smaller diameter (just not dolly enough) but I still love these lenses and want to use them!
I think I like the green a little better but I may be a little bias since my real eye color is mostly green anyway and I only wanted these lenses to even out the color and make them more vibrant XD

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trying Mode.

It's been awhile since my last update and my first post back is about "that week I tried Mode gyaru" lol. If you've been following this blog for even a little while you've probably gathered, I'm not entirely devoted to any one gyaru sub-style. I've been looking at magazines like Jelly and Happie Nuts lately and have been taking a liking to mode gyaru, especially upon seeing shop staff photos of Murua. I really like Momoko Ogihara's style.
I feel like paying attention to the shop staff girls and street snaps gives you a much clearer picture of what the style looks like, as opposed to in the magazines where it's usually a mashup of models wearing mode and onee gyaru brands, probably why these two styles get lumped together, despite being noticeably different.

Some pictures I used for inspiration on the outfits.
Murua shop staff and Momoko.
Top, Skirt, cardigan, necklace: Forever21
Shoes: Ebay
Headband: DIY
Mode Makeup Inspiration

I tried a different makeup style later in the week but I had to use my old camera because my memory card for my Canon is being a B.
A lot of heavy winged liner.
I haven't done a nail set in a looong time so it felt pretty right doing a simple set. I modeled these after a set I saw of Moko's but used a dark grey instead of black.
I probably won't try it again but it's a pretty style and was fun to try. :)