Monday, December 24, 2012

Toyoepin Dollywink and Diamond Lash dupes.

As I'm sure many of you know Dolly Wink lashes are big in gal. However, lashes add up and get expensive fast if you like the Japanese brands but live overseas. It's also harder to find lashes that suite gyaru makeup as swell as some specific brands over here. I never bought any Dolly Wink lashes because at $17-20 for just 2 pairs I can't help but see it as a rip off, same as I see most Dolly Wink and Candy Doll products with their small packaging and very dupeable products(sorry Tsubasa! XD). It never seems like any of the products are good enough to justify that price for that amount of product (as far as I can tell from reviews). Maybe if I ever take a trip and see them in the store I'd go for it but here in America? No way.

Diamond Lash is more reasonably priced, between $15-20 for five pairs. Even so, when I saw a couple pairs on Ebay that were basically identical for less than half the price, of course I went for it! So there are two Dolly Wink dupes and two Diamond Lash dupes and some kind of double as both.

I came across these on Ebay under the brand name "Toyoepin" from the seller colorlens4less_net (no point in linking the store since they don't seem to be selling them anymore) for about $7 a set  and you get between 3 and 5 pairs of top lashes depending on the style you choose the pairs with 3 include two bottom lashes instead. I bought 4 different styles. They do have an official site here but they don't ship overseas, as far as I can tell, so your best bet is probably still ebay. Although I have seen these EXACT lashes at some shops online for $20 a set, what a mark up! Good lashes are really NOT that expensive to make. I get that companies want their slice too, but damn XD Anyway on to the lashes!

#7719: Whole Face
Style #7719 is similar to Dolly Wink's Dolly Sweet lashes. Also very similar to Diamond Lash Sexy Eye (Sexy Eye may be closer considering the Toyoepin lashes don't have the small spiked lashes at the front).
#7719: Close up

Side note: Style #7726 (which I do not have) does have the small spikes and may be an even better Dolly Sweet dupe!

Style #7715: Whole face

Style #7715: Close up
Style #7715 look a lot like Dolly Wink's Girly Sweet lashes.

#7718: Whole Face
#7718: Close up
Style #7718 is similar to Diamond Lash Celeb eye.

I know people say Celeb Eye is similar to Dolly Sweet but if you look closely you can see Dolly Sweet has three bold points toward the inner eye with one semi-bold point on the outer edge, while Celeb Eye has  five bold points right at the center.

#7714: Whole face

#7714: Close up

Style #7714 reminded me of Diamond Lash Girly Eye. 

The bands are clear, thin and flexible. It also have the sticky residue on the band like Diamond Lash (I don't know about Dolly Wink). They are less shiny than Diamond Lashes and very lightweight. The styles are lovely and exactly as they were shown in the pictures. Some pairs come with only three top sets and two sets of lower lashes. In some of these pictures I didn't wear the lashes to their full potential as far as pushing them up to really make the eyes pop goes, so they can look nicer than this if have the time to work with them.

These lower lashes are very much like F-09 style you can also get off of ebay too (the ones in the white boxes). They don't resemble any Dolly Wink or Diamond Lashes so there's not too much to say about them here.

I'm very happy with these lashes and if you're looking for a cost effective alternative to the more expensive lashes you may want to give these a go. I feel like this went on way too long, as usual, but I do enjoy being thourough so hopefully this'll help someone! XD


  1. Wow! These lashes looks super nice~ : D

    1. They are very nice. Some of the nicest reasonably priced lashes I've ever owned :D

  2. Replies
    1. Me too, I wanted try more styles but I thought it'd be a better idea to just try a few at first.

  3. I saw these and got two for myself too! I don't see them listed anymore though :C Hope it goes back on!

    1. Hope so too. I see them around ebay still but not for the price I paid anymore D:

  4. Love your makeup *_* I just searched for the lashes on eBay but looks like I'm too late.. :/

    1. I know :( I went to link the store I bought mine from and they weren't selling them anymore. I still see them around ebay under "Dolly Wink" but for a much higher price. Just keep an eye out for them, they'll probably pop up again.

  5. Replies
    1. They still have some on ebay but not for as good a price. Just check back from time to time and they'll probably pop up again, eventually.