Monday, December 17, 2012

Cat girl.

As the title suggests I've noticed quite a lot of cat themed clothes and accessories in magazines lately. I especially took notice of all the cat eared hats in gal mags for fall/winter in many different styles from beanies to bowlers. 

I wanted to buy one but I wasn't sure which style would look best on me and I'm not too keen on the idea of having an overabundance of cat eared hats. So I finally decided on the beret version. 
It seemed the most grown up because y'know...mature grown women love to wear cat ears and stuff! XD 

I also bought the Chococat dress from Forever21 a little while back and I thought the cat eared beret would compliment it nicely. So I put together this cat themed outfit. I actually got these both late last month but I just now got around to wearing either of them.

Dress/Cardigan: Forever21
Hat: Ebay
Purse: Sanrio
Shoes: Beacon
Necklace: Etsy
Bracelet: Mivita

I know MURUA sells this style and  Galstar too but mine is just the ebay version. It's well made though and very comfortable. I feel like mine more closely resembles the MURUA version. It's made of wool, so it's very hard to keep lint off of it though!
MURUA version
Galstar's Nekomimi beret.
Shirts and sweaters with cat faces on them seem pretty popular too but I'm just not into them...I owned enough of those in the 90's lol.
On another note, I bought this gorgeous pendant from Julie Alberti on Etsy. 

It's a little Buster Keaton face! I love it so much! It's made of porcelain and you can chose from different paint detail. I originally wanted style A but it was sold out so I chose style B from a new batch.
New batch
Her work is so beautiful! She also does prints and ceramic figures, including a stunning Peter Lorre ball jointed doll that I wish I could afford lol, very talented. I only wish she did other silent film star pendants, I'd definitely want to collect them all. I bet Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Clara Bow and Louise Brooks' faces would look so great in this style since they all have such iconic faces.

I know not many (if any) of my followers on this blog are into silent films or their stars but I just had gush over this pendant and the incredibly talented girl that made it. Also...I've been having a little Buster Keaton marathon all last week so it seemed like a good time to make this purchase as an early Christmas gift to myself. See you in the next post.


  1. So cute! I love the chococat dress from Forever 21 it's so cute! And Wow.... I was looking at cat beanies but I want a beret one now too!

    1. Thanks. The beret actually looks a little weird in pictures for some reason XD I think it looks much nicer in person.