Friday, November 23, 2012

Oldies but Goodies. W♥C favorites.

I haven't updated in a while again, there's not really a reason for it I just haven't felt like making an entry. It's been a very crappy couple of weeks.

Anyway, I've been having trouble with the weather transition here since it's 75 degrees one day and then 40 and raining the next. Normally, once the season has changed I transfer my summer clothes into the closet and put my fall/winter clothes into my dresser for easier access. Now I have a random assortment of clothes strewn everywhere since I need a sleeveless shirt one day and a sweater the next. 
While hauling clothes back and forth, I found my "I'm Poor But Good Looking" shirt stuffed in the back of one of my dresser drawers . Since it was warm and sunny (but then expected to be cooler in the evening) I wore it for the first time in about a year.
Top, Tights, Ring, Hair bow: W♥C
Jacket: JouJou
Shorts (yes there are shorts under there), Shoes, Necklace: Forever21
Bracelet: Rachel Roy
Having fun pretending I can edit worth crap. Hooray for camera's shutter XD
I think the white/grey tee shirt versions may have been more popular since they sold that variety for a longer time but the long, colorful, sleeveless version was always my favorite. So I'll keep it and continue to wear it even though it's not exactly "on trend" anymore.
 W♥C actually has a few popular items that I just can't seem to stop wearing no matter how long ago they peaked in popularity.

I also wore my skull sweater and matching tights (because you gotta have matching tights)this week too. Lame pose but I just banged my arm really hard on a doorknob XXD
Sweater, tights:W♥C
Hat, shoes, necklace: Forever21
Skirt: Glad News 
Ring: Ebay

 It might not be cool to say, since gyaru is all about trends...but I was never really that trendy a person. I find something I really like and keep it (and wear it) for years and years. So although I like a lot of the fashion gyaru has to offer I may not always be up to date in the latest trends if I don't really like them.
 That being said, I recently saw the S/S 2013 show for W♥C and while there are some cute dresses and vests, overall it's just too bohemian looking for me with the excess of peasant tops and tattered frilly skirts. I did see few pieces I liked and the heart shaped sunglasses are cute but overall I just don't think I'm gonna be really into the s/s 2013 releases if this show is an indicator.
S/S 2011 is still my favorite
I think 2010 to mid-2011 is when W♥C released most of my favorite pieces so far, that was a very solid run of me saying "I want that!" to everything W♥C lol. When I love W♥C I really love it but it can be pretty hit or miss from season to season.
Autumn 2011
I remember being a bit disappointed in the earthy colored vintage looking Autumn 2011 catalog and only warming up to a few pieces. Then also being a let down by the sugary sweetness of the Spring 2012 releases. It wasn't bad but something about it just felt so mundane. I understand that brands evolve but I always end up missing that punky zest when it's gone.
Spring 2012
The saving grace with W♥C, no matter how much I'm not feeling the overall season, always seems to be Chinatsu's wonderful use of denim (usually in the form of vests) which I saw a return of come summer 2012.
Summer 2012
But then by the autumn/winter releases it was back to hit or miss pieces.
Autumn/Winter 2012
But I see some denim I'm liking for the upcoming year and that's very good in my book!

On another note I got my Dolly Wink dupe lashes last week. I might do a review on them soon.
My nails are a very simple Minnie Mouse themed set right now.
And that's about it.


  1. why you so prfectttttttttt!?
    xDDD omgg I wanted to get that top but didn't know how to coordinate it >.>! Now thanks to you I feel like getting it also in red XD looks soo good! <3 *m* (even if it's not in "trend" xD me likes it). <3

    1. Haha thank you XD It is kind of hard to coordinate because I don't really like it with pants but it's kind of long and always covers my shorts >:|So I figured a jacket and some tights would dress it up a bit. You should get one if you can still find it somewhere! It's fun shirt :D

  2. Ooo nice minnie mouse nails and I can't wait to see that review on those DW lashes dupes :) Been looking for some good ones other than the pairs I found on ebay.

    1. Thank you :) I'll try to get the review up asap but the ones I have are also from ebay XD I've seen them in stores for like $20 though so I thought that was kind of a rip off since I got mine at a good price and they are the same brand :O

  3. I like the new W♥C collection... I didn't like the crop tops too much though. Not a fan of those things... I really liked your outfit though! It's very nice! I wish I could wear tights right now but it's too hot :( Boo.

    1. I actually do like crop tops but it's just so much frill this time. It's not bad, it's just not my style. Thanks, the weather here has been relatively warm, even now, so you could pretty much wear whatever you want as long to you are prepared for a cold evening XD

  4. You look awesome! Your Make Up, Outfits..all <333