Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was Halloween and I dressed up as what a lot of people assumed was Two-Face. 
My costume was actually loosely based on Becky's (from Roseanne), the year she was a half burned prom queen. I remember watching that episode when I was really young and I thought that costume was so cool. I didn't have (or really want) the prom dress and tiara though so my version is just a half burnt girl that is easy to misread as Two-Face I suppose. Little known fact, I was very into FX makeup before regular makeup.
I did really want a hanging eye but I couldn't find any I liked XD
I drew on her eyebrows and gave her a widow's peak and blood around the mouth.
My niece decided she didn't want to be a princess and came home from the store earlier in the day with a Dracula cape. We put together the rest of costume spur of moment because we didn't know if my sister was even going to take her trick or treating.

The makeup on the left side of my face had been on aaall day so it was old and not very good anymore but I didn't care because that obviously wasn't the focus.
But right after she got all decked out in her vampire gear my sister and mom just left and we assumed she wasn't taking her. So me and my brothers took her trick or treating up and down our street and the two streets next to us. My sister came back and got mad because she went out and bought them these really cute (and expensive) matching costumes. I felt so bad but I had NO idea why they suddenly left right when my niece was ready to go and she really wanted to go so I felt bad for her too. Everyone seemed to think her last minute vampire costume was pretty cute! She was nervous to knock at the first house but she was so excited after that XD It was very cute!
I got a lot of people wanting a closer look at my face and complimenting my work. The big question of the night was "How long did that take?" and really only took about a half regular makeup takes more time than this did XD I wasn't trick or treating but people still seemed to want to give me candy for some reason lol. So I came home with my pockets full of candy.
It made me really miss trick or treating.


  1. Lol you almost did the exact same outfit as me:)

  2. well your halloween makeup is indeed impressing and very creative too ^^ good job!
    this year seems like most girls are only using halloween as an excuse to dress up slutty ugh <___> they should learn a bit from you haha ^^

    1. Thank you. Haha it's not this year it's every year but if that's what they wanna do I say go for it XD