Tuesday, November 27, 2012

E.L.F baked products.(swatches)

Of the e.l.f baked products, I bought 3 blushes, 2 bronzers and 2 eyeshadows.
First up, the blushes in (from left to right) Passion Pink, Peachy Cheeky and Pinktastic.
These can be difficult for people with oily skin because their sheen leans into shimmer territory and can make already oily skin just gleam. I think these are great as blush enhancers and Pinktastic is a beautiful highlight. Maybe that's the way they're supposed to be since they are commonly compared to MAC Mineralize Skinfinish but then why advertise them as blush? 

These are really better for adding dimension to a more pigmented blush you're already wearing. I just can't picture using these alone as a blush, they'd just come off too shiny if I were to try and get them at the opacity I like in a blush.

Next, the eye shadows in Bark and Enchanted.
I was pretty pleased with one of these, the pigmentation of Bark was really awesome but Enchanted left me disappointed. Instead of the pretty color you see in the pan (or even on my swatch that I had to built up) you just get a wash of the gold shimmer color over your eyes. 

You have to be patient with these and build color gradually if you want them to blend. They are workable, I just wish Enchanted showed up better. It's pretty over a similar shade though and with a white base the color would probably really show.

And the bronzers in Los Cabos and Maui.

As far as color payoff goes it really depends on the color you choose. Maui is a lot like Enchanted when comes to the difference between the color in the pan and what shows up on your skin. Los Cabos on the other hand has great pigmentation, it's very blendable and it does have some glittery bits but they show up as more of a glow.

Getting a proper swatch of Maui and Enchanted took a little more effort than it should have but I really wanted to show those colors with the highest opacity possible without a base or primer.

Overall Pinktastic, Bark and Los Cabos came out on top in these purchases. Passion Pink and Peachy Cheeky are pretty good (the blushes are all nice)but Maui and Enchanted were both disappointments. So this really comes down to the shades you select.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Oldies but Goodies. W♥C favorites.

I haven't updated in a while again, there's not really a reason for it I just haven't felt like making an entry. It's been a very crappy couple of weeks.

Anyway, I've been having trouble with the weather transition here since it's 75 degrees one day and then 40 and raining the next. Normally, once the season has changed I transfer my summer clothes into the closet and put my fall/winter clothes into my dresser for easier access. Now I have a random assortment of clothes strewn everywhere since I need a sleeveless shirt one day and a sweater the next. 
While hauling clothes back and forth, I found my "I'm Poor But Good Looking" shirt stuffed in the back of one of my dresser drawers . Since it was warm and sunny (but then expected to be cooler in the evening) I wore it for the first time in about a year.
Top, Tights, Ring, Hair bow: W♥C
Jacket: JouJou
Shorts (yes there are shorts under there), Shoes, Necklace: Forever21
Bracelet: Rachel Roy
Having fun pretending I can edit worth crap. Hooray for camera's shutter XD
I think the white/grey tee shirt versions may have been more popular since they sold that variety for a longer time but the long, colorful, sleeveless version was always my favorite. So I'll keep it and continue to wear it even though it's not exactly "on trend" anymore.
 W♥C actually has a few popular items that I just can't seem to stop wearing no matter how long ago they peaked in popularity.

I also wore my skull sweater and matching tights (because you gotta have matching tights)this week too. Lame pose but I just banged my arm really hard on a doorknob XXD
Sweater, tights:W♥C
Hat, shoes, necklace: Forever21
Skirt: Glad News 
Ring: Ebay

 It might not be cool to say, since gyaru is all about trends...but I was never really that trendy a person. I find something I really like and keep it (and wear it) for years and years. So although I like a lot of the fashion gyaru has to offer I may not always be up to date in the latest trends if I don't really like them.
 That being said, I recently saw the S/S 2013 show for W♥C and while there are some cute dresses and vests, overall it's just too bohemian looking for me with the excess of peasant tops and tattered frilly skirts. I did see few pieces I liked and the heart shaped sunglasses are cute but overall I just don't think I'm gonna be really into the s/s 2013 releases if this show is an indicator.
S/S 2011 is still my favorite
I think 2010 to mid-2011 is when W♥C released most of my favorite pieces so far, that was a very solid run of me saying "I want that!" to everything W♥C lol. When I love W♥C I really love it but it can be pretty hit or miss from season to season.
Autumn 2011
I remember being a bit disappointed in the earthy colored vintage looking Autumn 2011 catalog and only warming up to a few pieces. Then also being a let down by the sugary sweetness of the Spring 2012 releases. It wasn't bad but something about it just felt so mundane. I understand that brands evolve but I always end up missing that punky zest when it's gone.
Spring 2012
The saving grace with W♥C, no matter how much I'm not feeling the overall season, always seems to be Chinatsu's wonderful use of denim (usually in the form of vests) which I saw a return of come summer 2012.
Summer 2012
But then by the autumn/winter releases it was back to hit or miss pieces.
Autumn/Winter 2012
But I see some denim I'm liking for the upcoming year and that's very good in my book!

On another note I got my Dolly Wink dupe lashes last week. I might do a review on them soon.
My nails are a very simple Minnie Mouse themed set right now.
And that's about it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was Halloween and I dressed up as what a lot of people assumed was Two-Face. 
My costume was actually loosely based on Becky's (from Roseanne), the year she was a half burned prom queen. I remember watching that episode when I was really young and I thought that costume was so cool. I didn't have (or really want) the prom dress and tiara though so my version is just a half burnt girl that is easy to misread as Two-Face I suppose. Little known fact, I was very into FX makeup before regular makeup.
I did really want a hanging eye but I couldn't find any I liked XD
I drew on her eyebrows and gave her a widow's peak and blood around the mouth.
My niece decided she didn't want to be a princess and came home from the store earlier in the day with a Dracula cape. We put together the rest of costume spur of moment because we didn't know if my sister was even going to take her trick or treating.

The makeup on the left side of my face had been on aaall day so it was old and not very good anymore but I didn't care because that obviously wasn't the focus.
But right after she got all decked out in her vampire gear my sister and mom just left and we assumed she wasn't taking her. So me and my brothers took her trick or treating up and down our street and the two streets next to us. My sister came back and got mad because she went out and bought them these really cute (and expensive) matching costumes. I felt so bad but I had NO idea why they suddenly left right when my niece was ready to go and she really wanted to go so I felt bad for her too. Everyone seemed to think her last minute vampire costume was pretty cute! She was nervous to knock at the first house but she was so excited after that XD It was very cute!
I got a lot of people wanting a closer look at my face and complimenting my work. The big question of the night was "How long did that take?" and really only took about a half hour...my regular makeup takes more time than this did XD I wasn't trick or treating but people still seemed to want to give me candy for some reason lol. So I came home with my pockets full of candy.
It made me really miss trick or treating.