Monday, October 8, 2012

Water Marble Nail Fail, Serina Makeup and My New Laptop.

I tried my hand at nail marbling and it didn't turn out great XD I wanted each nail to be different shades of the same color. Yellow was the hardest to get to marble but the oranges turned out the worst, the polish would NOT spread! I like the way the blue and pink turned out though. I used KleanColor polish and it just sucks at dispersing on the water right. I had to help spread the color with a toothpick for all but the blue and pink polishes for some reason. So I put a glitter polish over them to distract from some of the crumy-ness

I also did Serina inspired makeup because I feel like every gal wants to try this out at one point or another. I didn't do a video on it or anything since I had no idea how this would turn out or look on me. 
Because every gal wants to try Serina's makeup XD
I used these pictures as a reference, since there's also her older blue shadow, gold glitter liner and loooong bottom lashes look that people are also familiar with. I prefer this look on her though.
I don't really think it suits me but it was fun.

I've been out of commission for a while too since a spilled soda on my old computer and had to get a new one. My new computer is so pretty though! It's an HP Dandelion Breeze :D

I usually only buy the Acer mini laptop but now I have a regular sized laptop...and some of my pictures look so grainy on full sized laptops D: I never realized that because I was sizing them according to my mini laptop! Aww man! XD
Well here's one last (hopefully) appropriately sized picture.


  1. You look so fabulous, Memi! Not only that, your new HP Dandelion Breeze looks so cute too, not to mention the flowers on the cover! That's not bad for a change. By the way, your last picture definitely stood out among the rest, girl! :)

    Lakendra Wiltse