Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meet my twin sister!

Haha okay so I don't really have a twin sister (as if you couldn't tell XD) but I always wanted one so I made this picture in paint/Gimp since I'm trying to get better at the picture editing crap because I really need a new banner. 
Anyway, it was my real sisters birthday the other day and I made her some Kiss nails. Mostly because I was afraid her present wouldn't arrive on time. I bought her a top from her wishlist so she probably liked that more. I had to make these in a hurry because I finally got tracking on her gift the day before and it wasn't scheduled to arrive until the day after :( BUT it did come at about 8 that night! I'm so glad she got her gift on time but that also means I didn't really have to rush the nails.

I had teased up curls...seemed like a good idea at the time. These curls are doing something weird around my face though.
I also had on some pre-Halloween nails on. I have better ones planned for actual "Halloween nails".
I had to take them off that night though because the skulls snag on everything. I had tights on so you can probably imagine what a nightmare that was XD
Beat up thumbnail
Here's a derpish faced outfit pic. I was talking to a friend on Tumblr and she asked why I never do outfit rundowns, and really have no reason not to...laziness I guess? So here's one.
Top: Ebay (studding around the collar I did myself)
Shorts: Forever21
Tights: WC
Boots: Forever21
Necklace: Forever21
Bracelet: Rachel Roy
Ring: Some Gilt shop that I can't remember.
Earrings: (that you can't even see) Etsy

Brief picspam of makeup.
Welp that's about it.


  1. Oh that split hair dye would be so cute with a twin sister!!!!! And those nails are so so so cool!!

    1. I agree, it really would!
      Thank you :D

  2. love the outfit~ and the hair!!
    btw the kiss nails are so cool! i would neve be able to do something like that haha

    1. Thanks, my nail pens started drying up so painting the faces was a lot harder than I thought it's be :(

  3. you look so awesome and lovely ;__; !

  4. Pretttyyyy! I love your outfitt!
    and I wish I had a twin sister lol!! that would be awesome! haha your edition looks pretty good XD! <3

    1. Thanks, I wish I could've added a belt but it would pointless considering the length of the shirt >.<
      Me too! People used to think me and my sister were twins until I got taller than her XD
      I still have a long way to go with editing, but thank you!

  5. Hehe, I love the twin picture. It looks really cool with the split wig!
    Ohmy, those kiss nails are so cool!
    You look very cute~ Loving the teased curls and the pink lipstick ^_^