Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Nails, New Lenses and More.

My new lenses came this week. Princess MiMi Sesame Grey! I loved my MiMi Brown lenses so much I wanted to try another color and I wasn't sure if I wanted green or grey at first. I decided on grey but I still want to try green at some point too!
Comfort: 10/10
Design: 10/10
Enlargement: 10/10
Color: 10/10
Overall: 10/10
(I love these lenses!)
I dyed the tips of my extensions purple. (the short ones, obviously)
I've been meaning to do it for a while but I finally got around to it early in the week. I used Jerome Russell Punky Colour again because I really loved how the Flamingo Pink worked on my hair so I used the color Purple this time. I knew it would come out dark, so I diluted it just as I had with the pink. At first I thought they came out too light though, they almost looked pink and I didn't want that. So I used a less diluted mix and gave them another round of purple and was much more pleased with the color. I also had to condition them very well because bleaching the tips fried them (as you can see in the before picture) I think the transition into purple looks much nicer conditioned and curled.
My real hair is only a little shorter than these extensions now. I need it cut badly though.


Top,Choker, Headband, Ring, Earrings: Ebay
Pants, Boots: Forever21
Jacket: JouJou
Bag: Bodyline

As I said in my last post I had planned on making Halloween nails.
This is the first set I've done for Halloween. The middle fingernail is inspired by Kyary's nails. 
 I tried cutting the horns into the nails at first but that just wasn't working. My monster face looks more like Venom with horns's the teeth XD
And guess what? They glow in the dark!:D Crappy quality, I know, but it was in the dark.
I bought some liquid latex for Halloween and did a trial run on my hand for testing burn scar makeup. It worked well but my red greasepaint must've gone bad or something because it cast a very orange hue over the burn that really annoyed me >:| I'll have to use my greasepaint sticks instead I guess.


  1. OH MY!! *_*
    Dunno where to start!
    Your hair is awesome, your nails are awesome, the lenses fit you perfect and yeah *_*

    1. Thank you :D I felt like since the lenses were so bright they made me look a little dead behind the eyes XD but I'm getting used to them.

  2. awesome nals ♥ u'r super talented *.*! I also love ur new hair and lenses, keke!

  3. I'm really digging those glow in the dark nails the most, how creative! Never seen that before and work that outfit out!! lol

    1. Haha thank you! I've seen some with glow in the dark polish on them but I really wanted that monster face to glow.

  4. Loved the dip dye ! :3 And nails, and those lenses fit you ^-^

    1. Thank you, I like it too. Maybe even more so than my pink hair.

  5. Weeii you are so pretty:) Love the hair and the nails are sooo awesome!!!!