Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A couple weeks of working with my extensions.

So since I've dyed my hair pink  I've been using my extensions from ebay and while, at first, I didn't like them these were my only pink option as far as extensions go so I wanted to make them work.

The first time I got back into using them after I dyed them pink I just curled them and gave the crown some height.
These clips aren't very comfortable though so then I was looking for a style that could make it so ALL the clips weren't so close to my scalp.

Then I tried a high/teased up side ponytail. The clip discomfort really let up since so many were clipped into each other and not at my roots. 

I was disappointed with how short it looked after curling and teasing. This is 26" of hair D: I wish  I had clipped some of the pieces lower to make it look longer.
Some flowers on the side for good measure. This style was a lot of fun....difficult to take out though.

Then I tried a some hair up some hair down "twin tail" deal.
Because the clips are big though, which I HATE, I couldn't get the pigtails as high as I wanted them. I teased them but I never got them as big as I wanted...kind of a fail :( At least it looks long though.
After I rinsed out the curl and put in some low pigtails with those bubbly gaps in them.

Does this style have a name? I first saw this style at least 3 yeas ago, it must have a name, right? lol I hate it when I don't know a hair style's name!XD

And lastly, I tried for pigtails again. I figured they'd come out bigger and fluffier if all my hair was up this time.
It was okay...also annoying to take out and I still couldn't get them as high as I wanted but better than the first time. It's easier to tease the hair when it's in looser curls I don't know why I was so surprised by that XD
This is going to be my last post with pink hair too! I think I've put these extensions through enough this month, they look SO ragged when they're uncurled XD
I tried to lean forward so you could see the ends because they're so long, but nothing doin'! lol

I forgot in my last post that these have been my nails the last couple of weeks too.


  1. wow! you look so great with long hair!

    1. If only my real hair would grow faster! D:

  2. You look so cute whatever hair style you do ♥

  3. LOVE that side pony tail hair style on you ^^ It has so much volume!

    1. The side ponytail was my favorite too. Next time I want to try to get it to look longer though.

  4. Love the hair! i just followed you :D

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  5. Thank you! I miss the pink already XD and thanks for following too!