Friday, August 17, 2012

Always trying new things.

Well I pushed back dying my hair darker since I've gotten used to this hair color I have now. I decided to try out some different styles with it.
This is pretty much how it was when I went off to see The Dark Knight Rises for the second time XD
Cat ears on my real hair. It gets so messy in the wind here. This weather is just overall NOT hair friendly in any regard.

I have also been having fun with my extensions. I look so weird with such light lenses and hair though.

Or maybe it's the nude lips washing me out.
So after it started raining just about every evening after 100+ degree days I opted for more simple hair that not even humidity could wreck XD
But then, clearly not having learned my lesson, I tried suji-mori on my real hair. It was flat again before I finished it all! XD 
Derp all the way.
It's okay as a regular hair style...but suji-mori it is not. I have always had tremendous difficulty getting volume in my hair. Even with strong hold hair sprays and hair powder this still happens. I'd like to think that, maybe, if I got more layers cut into the top it would be easier but who knows. I'm probably doomed to have flat hair forever. 
Used some pink extensions because I'm starting to miss my pink hair.

Thursday, August 2, 2012 I did it again XD

I am cursed when it comes to ash dyes! If you will recall last year I made the mistake of using an ash toned dye on my expensive extensions and turned them silver. Well guess what? Now I've done the same thing to my real hair! lol I admit, I am by no means a hair colorist and I am sure there is a scientific reason behind this, that I just didn't think would also effect my real hair. Buuuut it did.
Quite a pomp, no? lol
After all the pink was gone from hair, it was left in it's bleached glory and I decided I wanted an ash blonde, so I went over it with with this John Frieda medium ash blonde dye.
I thought, back when it was my extensions, that maybe this happened because whoever the extensions hair was from is a natural redhead, since I've heard of ash dyes making naturally red hair grey. But I am nowhere near being a natural redhead so now I'm thinking this just happens to hair that's been bleached? Maybe since all the color has been bleached out, the dyes pigments is a little too strong?
I never did get around to fixing the color of my old extensions since I just switched to ones that I made...that actually DID match my hair color back then. This was too good to waste though so I put in my grey extensions with my new grey hair XD
It came out the same color as my extensions...this weird, blondish, browny, grey color. Putting in my extensions had somehow helped tone down the silvery hue but when they are out, it is SILVER.
I think silver/grey hair is really cool but it's just not something I want to make permanent right now. That's why I bought the silver wig! So I'll probably fix this some time next week
So here's a really easy way to get ash hair if you want it! Step one bleach/tone your hair near white. Step 2 dye over that with a medium ash blonde dye. And you're done! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A couple weeks of working with my extensions.

So since I've dyed my hair pink  I've been using my extensions from ebay and while, at first, I didn't like them these were my only pink option as far as extensions go so I wanted to make them work.

The first time I got back into using them after I dyed them pink I just curled them and gave the crown some height.
These clips aren't very comfortable though so then I was looking for a style that could make it so ALL the clips weren't so close to my scalp.

Then I tried a high/teased up side ponytail. The clip discomfort really let up since so many were clipped into each other and not at my roots. 

I was disappointed with how short it looked after curling and teasing. This is 26" of hair D: I wish  I had clipped some of the pieces lower to make it look longer.
Some flowers on the side for good measure. This style was a lot of fun....difficult to take out though.

Then I tried a some hair up some hair down "twin tail" deal.
Because the clips are big though, which I HATE, I couldn't get the pigtails as high as I wanted them. I teased them but I never got them as big as I wanted...kind of a fail :( At least it looks long though.
After I rinsed out the curl and put in some low pigtails with those bubbly gaps in them.

Does this style have a name? I first saw this style at least 3 yeas ago, it must have a name, right? lol I hate it when I don't know a hair style's name!XD

And lastly, I tried for pigtails again. I figured they'd come out bigger and fluffier if all my hair was up this time.
It was okay...also annoying to take out and I still couldn't get them as high as I wanted but better than the first time. It's easier to tease the hair when it's in looser curls I don't know why I was so surprised by that XD
This is going to be my last post with pink hair too! I think I've put these extensions through enough this month, they look SO ragged when they're uncurled XD
I tried to lean forward so you could see the ends because they're so long, but nothing doin'! lol

I forgot in my last post that these have been my nails the last couple of weeks too.