Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Long hair is back.

I dyed my extensions all pink now too so I can do some long styles. I'm only dying my 26" extensions because I don't want to dye my better ones and I don't really care if I end up ruining these ones by dyeing them too much but so far they're holding up fine.

I've needed more concealer than usual lately because my allergies are at an all time horrible high. Even with the allergy eye drops my eyes itch like crazy and I can't seem to keep from rubbing them. One day I rubbed them so hard I looked like I had two black eyes the next morning. But at least when I'm wearing my eye makeup and lenses that gives me enough incentive to not rub them haha.
This isn't much of an update I guess but I am happy to have more pink hair now.  I just wanted to update since I was in a rut for a little while after I found out my best friend's mom died on the 12th and I still am very sad about it especially since they live so far away now and there's no way I could make it to the funeral and physically be there for my friend.

Have a happy, healthy and safe week everyone!


  1. pink hair really suits you and your makeup is gorgeous :-D
    your blog is really cute, i'm a new follower! ^^

    1. Thank you <3 and thanks for following! :D