Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fun Weekend

I went to see The Dark Knight Rises on Friday with my brother. We caught the matinee showing and my brother lost his money on the way so I paid for him -_-. The movie was so awesome and I'm so glad I saw it on opening day! To pay me back he gave me two movie passes for next time I want to go and I think I might just go see it again next week...nothing better is really playing atm XD 

I was so happy to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it since he's one of my favorite actors and he did not disappoint, easily the most likable character in the movie and got much more screen time than I had originally thought he would get. Tom Hardy as Bane was pretty cool and I didn't have any trouble hearing what he was saying like other people were complaining about even AFTER being dubbed over. I won't spoil anything in this post but the ending was everything I could have ever hoped it would be given the context of these movies. I will say Christopher Nolan's Batman films are easily my favorite live action versions to date (go ahead 89 fans, give me hell!). Still do and probably always will prefer the animated movies though. 
I just wish I got to see it in a better theater because the one in this town is small and sucks. Even the tickets just look like the bottom of a receipt lol. The abbreviation makes it look like it says "The Dark King" a a glance from far away.

My makeup looked like crap though because it's a million degrees out and humid. I got 4 compliments on my hair though. It looks like cotton candy when it's ratted into buns lol. It was nice to have a weekend to just hangout and relax before classes start up again.

It's time to take these nails off and get some new ones going for next week.
I hope you guys had a nice weekend too!


  1. You look so cute! <3
    I'm going to go see it on the 1st (*__*)
    (I'm seeing it for my birthday...which is the 5th, so I thought it was close enough! haha)

    1. Thanks :D
      Happy (early) Birthday! I hope you enjoy the movie as much I did.

  2. Your hair is so cute! Love your makeup too!

    I want to see the Dark Knight but I'm so weirded out by the shootings... I feel like the movie is cursed or something! Ok, I'm really superstitious, but still!

    1. Thank you :D
      My mom didn't want us to go but I'd been looking forward to this movie for so long I wasn't gonna be scared out of going. Nothing keeps me from Batman!