Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Brow Mascara.

Although I had fun with my black wig in my previous post my real hair is still very much blonde and my brows are still very much bleached. I used to use the elf brow gel and elf brow wax/powder duo and while I did love those back when I had my medium blonde hair they are now too dark for my super bleached out hair. Now I wanted one with a little more of a gold/yellow tone to it. I briefly considered going with Palty brow mascara but ultimately went for the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Brow Mascara in shade 01 "Yellow Brown".
At first glace I thought it could work then I tried some on and it was waaaaay too yellow. I came to realize I was putting too much on and since my brows were light I didn't need very much. So I applied a lighter coat, brushed it in a bit and was pleased with the result.
Curled my bangs up so you can see my brows better.
Look at how light they are!

Most of today's outfit...the rest was just pink sandals 


  1. Wow! This is pretty good!: D :D

    1. I like it a lot but I still wonder what I'm missing in the world of