Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Buys for the summer.

So since I decided to maintain my blonde/pink hair through July I knew I'd need a bigger bleaching arsenal so I FINALLY got my powder lightener and developer from Sally's. The 2 lb tub of lightener was only on sale for two more days so I had to jump on that XD Originally 40 bucks and I got it for only $22! I also got a new jar of my pink dye too.
I know this is more than enough to get me through July but even after I'm done having blonde/pink hair I can still use it for highlighting and stuff.

I bleached my brows recently too and was dying to try out a new brow mascara. I really do like the elf ones I have but even in the lightest color they were too dark for my hair. I bought this Kiss Me Heavy Rotation brow mascara in "Yellow Brown"
And lastly I got some Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil, Diamond lashes (Angel eye and Cat eye)and Baviphat bb cream. Some of these will probably be featured in upcoming reviews.
Yay for still crappy outfit pics!
Lots of love for my Diamond Lashes!

My current nails have no theme but they remind me a little of JSG.


  1. What bottom lashes are you wearing?

  2. Diamond Lashes in Princess Eye cut into single pieces and then used the three middle pieces :D