Friday, June 15, 2012

Trying out longer lashes.

I tried out my Diamond Lash Cat Eye top lashes and Sweet Eye bottom lashes.
Sweet Eye bottom lashes seem to be so hard to pull off in less extreme makeup styles.

 Before today I had only been using the inner most lashes XD I think these might be a little too much lash for me but the Cat Eye top lashes are a lot of fun!

I might try to cut the bottom lashes into smaller clusters next time...either that or try them on a more extreme look.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Brow Mascara.

Although I had fun with my black wig in my previous post my real hair is still very much blonde and my brows are still very much bleached. I used to use the elf brow gel and elf brow wax/powder duo and while I did love those back when I had my medium blonde hair they are now too dark for my super bleached out hair. Now I wanted one with a little more of a gold/yellow tone to it. I briefly considered going with Palty brow mascara but ultimately went for the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Brow Mascara in shade 01 "Yellow Brown".
At first glace I thought it could work then I tried some on and it was waaaaay too yellow. I came to realize I was putting too much on and since my brows were light I didn't need very much. So I applied a lighter coat, brushed it in a bit and was pleased with the result.
Curled my bangs up so you can see my brows better.
Look at how light they are!

Most of today's outfit...the rest was just pink sandals 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baviphat Magic Girls Plus bb Cream review

My new love
So I've been pretty loyal to my Missha Perfect Cover bb cream but it doesn't have great oil control and is a bit too heavy for the summer months. So with tempurateters now exceeding 100 degrees I was finally willing to broaden my bb cream horizon. 
Set with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Plus
I went on a hunt for one with better oil control and came across the Baviphat bb creams. I've heard this brand be refered to as the "Korean Benefit" many times due to it's vintage art style packaging and being the huge sucker that I am for cutesy packaging akin to brands like Benefit and The Balm I read more into the ones they offer and decided to try the Baviphat Magic Girls Plus bb Cream (Fresh for Oily Skin) since I heard it was lighter and had good oil control. It has SPF 30 and also contains ingredients like witch hazel, tea tree oil and machihyun extract, all known to be soothing to sensitive skin. 
 It comes in a tube and is available in #1 "fresh for oily skin" and #2 "moisturizing for dry skin." I'm still a little confused about their shade range, if any, because these bb creams are available in both varieties with two different packaging covers. I'm not sure if one is new and one is old or if these ever represent shade difference since I've seen #1 and #2 available in both packages however it says "it adjusts to your skin color once it's applied". 

The packaging I got (left) and the other packing it's available in.
Onto the actual product. It's relatively thick before it's spread out. It does have EXCELLENT oil control and gives you very natural looking skin. It really wears like a your skin but better bb cream. Not a lot of coverage here though and I can't say I'd recommend this to people that like that full coverage look Missha can give you. Although, if you have a powder foundation you could easily apm up the coverage by dusting a bit of that over it.

This by itself will even out your skin tone, cover small imperfections and mattify skin but if you really need that coverage you're probably better off looking into another bb cream. I have to admit as much as I prefer fuller coverage bb creams and foundations I really like this stuff! Mainly because it just wears so well. Zero oily build up, no flaking and no problems with it making me break out.Your skin feels soft after you apply it like when you apply a primer. One problem I do have the smell. It smells JUST like baby wipes(which I guess is a cross between powder and  a flowery smell)! Not baby powder, not baby lotion. Baby wipes! Maybe that's why it's so soothing on sensitive skin? XD But you can't smell it after a while so it's not a major problem but it was something I was put off by at first.
Rating: 5/5 

Since this was a very natural looking bb cream I went for a more natural look. Milky Bunny look ahoy! Don't you judge me! lol
Paying homage to Tsubasa's pouty mouthed wink XD

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Buys for the summer.

So since I decided to maintain my blonde/pink hair through July I knew I'd need a bigger bleaching arsenal so I FINALLY got my powder lightener and developer from Sally's. The 2 lb tub of lightener was only on sale for two more days so I had to jump on that XD Originally 40 bucks and I got it for only $22! I also got a new jar of my pink dye too.
I know this is more than enough to get me through July but even after I'm done having blonde/pink hair I can still use it for highlighting and stuff.

I bleached my brows recently too and was dying to try out a new brow mascara. I really do like the elf ones I have but even in the lightest color they were too dark for my hair. I bought this Kiss Me Heavy Rotation brow mascara in "Yellow Brown"
And lastly I got some Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil, Diamond lashes (Angel eye and Cat eye)and Baviphat bb cream. Some of these will probably be featured in upcoming reviews.
Yay for still crappy outfit pics!
Lots of love for my Diamond Lashes!

My current nails have no theme but they remind me a little of JSG.