Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was my birthday and also the day I tried my new 26" extensions.

Since I dyed my hair this half blonde half pink color none of my extensions match my hair anymore and I didn't want to dye the extensions I already have because I had dyed those previously too and I didn't want to put them through too much. So I just basically got these because since I've had this color I've missed using hair extensions and I wanted some to match my current hair colors!
It was just a quiet birthday at home. Presents, cake and ice cream! My mom got me another rabbit, it's kind of become a joke between us....I don't think it's funny but she seems to think it's a riot!
I hope my "collection" doesn't grow beyond this...

But she also got me flowers, an ebay gift card and an Audrey Hepburn framed print so we're good.

My brother got me the best present ever though. SNL Best Of Christopher Walken! 
Yeah I was making a reeealy dumb face in this  one.
My other brother got me a perfume tray. Something I've been saying I've wanted for months to hold my more frequently used perfumes. My sister got me an Audrey Hepburn DVD pack with Breakfast at Tiffany's (even though I already have it), Sabrina and Roman Holiday all bundled together. She also gave me this card that had some riveting advice. 

So I'm 23 now.
As you can see I am thrilled about it!


  1. Oh Happy Birthday even though that's a little late :3
    that rabbit is cute but kinda...scray? XD jk
    Glad to hear that you had a nice time at home!^-^ and your hair looks gorgeous!

  2. Thank you <3
    I know! That rabbit is so creepy XD She thinks it's funny though because on my 18th birthday she got one like it and she could tell I HATED it. lol

  3. Happy bday! Im turning 22 on sunday myself! So many bdays this month! Your card and presents are awesome sans that creepy bunny! XD aaaand your hair rocks! Just got a wig for work and cant wait to go back to unnatural colors!

    1. Yay more Tauruses! lol Thank you! I love everything I got, even the creepy bunny simply because it's a gift.

  4. Happy Birthday! 23 is a good age. ^-^

    1. Thanks ^_^ I hope so because 22 was nothing great lol.

  5. Wow! Happy birthday to you! : D

  6. I love your Blog!
    You are so prettyyyy!!!

    Greeting from Germany :*