Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gyaru Model Looks Part 3: Hiromi Hosoi (Romihi)

Now time for my all time favorite gyaru model Hiromi Hosoi (Romihi) from Egg magazine (now with Glia).

I was originally going to do Rina Sakurai (Sakurina) next but I figured since my hair was already reminiscent of her 2010 half pink half blonde look I'd pay homage to her next. The main thing I've always loved about her is her distinct makeup application. Mainly that signature bold nose contour. I had to be careful with the nose contour because my real nose shape usually just calls for a little shading so I shaded the tip too even it out. I don't think she needs to do that though.
Reference picture. Absolutely gorgeous isn't she?
Her look is actually kind of hard to pin down since she changes up her eye shadow and lip colors a lot. However I got my hands on three tutorials of hers that are all from 2010 and there are some consistencies. So you can probably use whatever eye shadow and lip colors you want with this look since it's mainly her foundation, contouring/highlighting, eyeliner and eye lash application that stayed the same for a long time.

A weird thing I noticed is that she sets her makeup with a setting mist before she does the powder nose contour, blush and highlight. I don't know if that's important to note but it always struck me as odd, maybe it's so the powder will adhere better.

Products used
In un-makeup related updates I go on these cooking from scratch jags and I made mochi this week because the store bought ones can get expensive and it's super easy to make XD

Also animal control came through the neighborhood (as they do from time to time because there are LOTS of stray cats) and my niece said they took Patches away! D: Now, he's not technically my cat because I can't permanently keep a cat in the house, on account of almost all of us are allergic to cats. So we just take care of him, feed him, love him and such and he wanders the neighborhood freely. We weren't sure if she was mistaken...or lying but then we didn't see him for a couple of days and started getting worried. My mom and I were discussing going to look for him where they take the cats but then he showed up today! I was really starting to get worried they took him away. So we let him come in for a while to celebrate his return.
As you can see he his thrilled to be back! lol


  1. I actually think you did a decent job! Romihi certainly does change up her look a lot, but I never did notice how she highlights/contours the same way each time.

    1. Yeah, a lot of the gyaru models do but they usually have some consistencies they've come to rely on. That's why I try to pick a specific time frame. I wish I had filmed this one during daylight though because it would have resulted in better pictures :(

  2. Thank you. I liked this hair too. Shame, it's already fading :(

  3. Great video Memi. I was thinking of trying the makeup look but didn't have a guide. Thanks so much for posting this! :)

    1. Thank you very much ^_^ I'm glad if it helped!