Friday, March 30, 2012

The orange cheek.

I know this isn't a new trend or anything but the orange cheek seems like such a nice look for spring.
No, I don't have the Candy Doll Carrot Orange blush. I do, however, have a blush palette with a couple of orange shades in it >:D and I recently bought NYX blush in Cinnamon.

I especially love the blue, teal and/or light green shadow with the orange cheeks. I actually think orange blush looks better on tanner skin but alas I gotta work with what I have right now and that's skin that is pale as all hell XD
 I'm also wearing my Bodyline wig from a while back. I was originally going to do major styling to it but I really liked it as is (color and length-wise)so I just cut in some layers to fluff it up shortened the bangs and teased the roots a little bit.

Nana Suzuki, Tsubasa Masuwaka and Rui Kotobuki all rockin' the orange cheek.
I liked the Cinnamon blush so much I'm now waiting on 4 more NYX blushes I ordered to come in. I hope I like those colors as much I like this one!
I've also been utilizing my Canmake lip concealer too.
 Oh yeah! And I put together a video of how I styled my silver wig. That should be up in a couple of days!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hair Touchups and Such

I've been a rotten blogger lately and haven't updated in a while. I also put off touching up my hair for a while but I forgot how bad and often my roots show when I dye it this light! The last time my hair was this light was back in '07. It's the only time I'm grateful for the fact that my hair grows so slow. Even so, I STILL have roots showing every week and half XD I know people might think maintaining hair this light would get pricey but it actually costs me less than $10 a month.
My bangs were bouncy today.

The last time I had hair this light I wasted a lot of money and dye using a whole box every time I touched up my roots like an idiot. Now I divide each box 4 ways and use one 4th of each part that comes in the box every time I need a touch up (by mixing the 4th into a mixing bowl instead of the bottle). That's all I need for my roots. I can't believe I never thought of doing this before XD It' SO penny pinching but it adds up! It's just how often the roots show that is the aspect of maintenance I find grueling.

Of course the Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink has faded so I touched up my roots and left it light blonde for a little bit because I couldn't find Special Effects Atomic Pink ANYWHERE it was "sold out" or "out of stock" everywhere :( So I got Jerome Russell Punky Color in Flamingo Pink to do the bottom with.

It didn't get as stellar reviews as Special Effects in terms of lasting power but I'm not waiting forever for them to get it back in stock. I just wanted half light blonde half pink hair for spring. It shouldn't be this hard to get my hands on the dye I want! >:O The reviews I saw of Flamingo Pink more often than not came out a purple-ish borderline red (but they were all on medium blonde hair though). So when I opened the jar and saw how intense the dye color was I diluted it by about 1 teaspoon of conditioner per tablespoon of dye I needed to go over the bottom half of my hair.
During the process lol

After Spring time I think I'll dial it down to a dirty blonde or something I little easier to maintain.
Jerome Russell Punky Colour in Flamingo Pink, in all it's vibrancy XD

 I always want to have colorful eye makeup when spring comes around XD And I always want to change out my perfume. I recently got my current favorite for spring Gucci Flora! I am so happy with it. It smells so nice. I've been wearing it everyday since I got it.
I'll try to get on some reviews or get around to styling my silver wig so my blog isn't so boring lol. Bye bye till next post!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ebay bottom lashes.

This post is a brief look at the different styles of bottom lashes available on Ebay (you know, the ones that come in lots). Showing what they look like on and will hopefully be helpful to some people out there who are considering buying them. 

So since I recently received my order I thought I'd share, so you may see what style you like best!
I got 5 different styles and wore different pairs throughout the week(s).

First up! Style 006, these are just like an exaggerated version of natural bottom lashes. Something to add a little oomph or a lot of oomph if you have barely there lower lashes, naturally.
006's close up

Full face


Here is style 030, this is also a natural looking lash but a bit more sporadic in length. Again a good choice for people that don't want a very over the top eye makeup look.
030's close up
Full face

These are the 047 style, these are less natural looking with there inverted "v" pattern but once you put them on they blend right in with your real bottom lashes. I think next time I'll wear them with NO mascara on my bottom lashes as it distorts the pattern :(
047's close up
Full face


Here's the 011 style, a bit more dramatic than the previous styles. These have alternating bold and subtle points. I'd say these ones are my favorite style.
011's close up
Full face

And finally F-09. A good fit for heavier eye makeup or people who just like the pointed lower lash look.
F-09's close up.
Full face

I didn't get the 012 style this time because I already have those. That, and they look a LOT like the 006 style anyway. The only difference with these is that I cut about 1 cm off so they would blend with my real bottom lashes a little better.
012's close up.
Full face and the eyeliner I forgot I swatched on my hand XD

A note-worthy aspect of these lashes is that they are not bound to the clear strip at the ends(Like Diamond lashes) Rather, they are tightly knotted around the bands.
Close up of the band before it is cut to fit the eye
Close up of the knot work.
They can also be moved up and down the band so you can cluster them together and pull them apart where you like, making them into different styles entirely. I think this is a really cool factor but some may argue that this means they can be stripped from the band at will....and yes I suppose that's true but it can only be done deliberately. So it's not like they fall apart or come undone or anything.

 I think it's a great value for the money you pay especially when you take into consideration how pricey Diamond Lashes and Dolly Wink lashes can be over time. The bands aren't as comfortable but that's a fair trade off I'd say. The bands are a little stiff so you have to hold them down a little longer for the lash glue to adhere or else the sides pop up back and fourth XD That's pretty much the only bad thing I can say about them really.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gyaru Model Looks Part 3: Hiromi Hosoi (Romihi)

Now time for my all time favorite gyaru model Hiromi Hosoi (Romihi) from Egg magazine (now with Glia).

I was originally going to do Rina Sakurai (Sakurina) next but I figured since my hair was already reminiscent of her 2010 half pink half blonde look I'd pay homage to her next. The main thing I've always loved about her is her distinct makeup application. Mainly that signature bold nose contour. I had to be careful with the nose contour because my real nose shape usually just calls for a little shading so I shaded the tip too even it out. I don't think she needs to do that though.
Reference picture. Absolutely gorgeous isn't she?
Her look is actually kind of hard to pin down since she changes up her eye shadow and lip colors a lot. However I got my hands on three tutorials of hers that are all from 2010 and there are some consistencies. So you can probably use whatever eye shadow and lip colors you want with this look since it's mainly her foundation, contouring/highlighting, eyeliner and eye lash application that stayed the same for a long time.

A weird thing I noticed is that she sets her makeup with a setting mist before she does the powder nose contour, blush and highlight. I don't know if that's important to note but it always struck me as odd, maybe it's so the powder will adhere better.

Products used
In un-makeup related updates I go on these cooking from scratch jags and I made mochi this week because the store bought ones can get expensive and it's super easy to make XD

Also animal control came through the neighborhood (as they do from time to time because there are LOTS of stray cats) and my niece said they took Patches away! D: Now, he's not technically my cat because I can't permanently keep a cat in the house, on account of almost all of us are allergic to cats. So we just take care of him, feed him, love him and such and he wanders the neighborhood freely. We weren't sure if she was mistaken...or lying but then we didn't see him for a couple of days and started getting worried. My mom and I were discussing going to look for him where they take the cats but then he showed up today! I was really starting to get worried they took him away. So we let him come in for a while to celebrate his return.
As you can see he his thrilled to be back! lol

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Half blonde, half pink and about damn time!

Finally, finally, FINALLY! I have some pink in my hair!

I've been saying I wanted to do this to my hair for like a year now. Well last week was as good a time as any to finally do it and now I have some pink in my hair. I had to sit with a sandwich bag over the lower half of my head (we were out of foil XD) for 2 hours and sat under my helmet dryer for the last 20 minutes to get this color.

I've  had this dye sitting around since November! But I was sure this dye (Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink) would have little to no effect on my medium blonde hair. I know because I did a strand test on my extensions XD and from what I've heard this is one of the colors where bleaching is a must. So it was mainly a matter of deciding when I wanted to lighten my hair enough so that it would be effected by the dye properly.
I've made no secret of the fact that I adored Romihi's blonde on top/pink on bottom do from 2010 so when I saw some old pictures of her last week it reinvigorated my wanting this hair. 
Romihi's glorious hair.
Romihi also had some pink in her hair in 07 too. I was mainly shooting for the coloring in the last pic of the four above though.
Romihi in 07.

I think next time I'l try Special Effects Atomic Pink since it sounds like it works sooo much better. My hair would have to practically have been white to make it look like a cotton candy pink anyway with the Manic Panic. I don't know how long I'll keep this hair for though.

I figure after it becomes a pain to maintain or if I get tired of it I'll give it a light pink wash with the left over cotton candy pink I have, a la Rui's pretty pink- ish hair. Since I got a similar color on my extension piece, it just might work!

My curls are the product of overnight pin curls. After I put my hair through all this I think I'll go easy on the heat styling for a while.